10 Free and Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun as a Family This Winter

Free and Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun as a Family This Winter

Most families are counting down the last days of school before the holidays begin. The winter months bring colder weather and darker days. This means that more time will most likely be spent indoors with limited time spent outside depending of course on the weather conditions. 

As the cost of living continues to rise it is becoming more challenging for families to save money. Parents may now be struggling more than ever before to come up with ways to keep children busy without having to spend as much money as in prior years.

It is essential that children have constructive activities to keep them attentive which allow them to enjoy the short break from their regular school lessons.

We have put together ten free and inexpensive ways to have fun as a family this winter.

1. Set up a hot drinks corner

Nothing warms you up quite like a steaming mug of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea. Turn it into an activity by setting up a hot drinks bar with all your family's favorite hot beverages. Put out some whipping cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings and your favorite candies for topping.

2. Try a new recipe 

When it's too cold to play outside, try getting your little ones involved in the kitchen. Around the holidays, this is an activity that everyone can help out with and be especially fun. This is a great way for your children to develop many different skills when they get involved with preparing meals. This is the perfect time to try a new soup, stew, or chili recipe, and have them help do things like wash vegetables, peel carrots, measure, and add ingredients.

3. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are always a great option when it comes to entertaining children and keeping them engaged. These types of activities are even more appealing (and less expensive) when you use everyday items found around your home. Look in among your recycling containers. Any type of paper and cardboard, empty tissue rolls, boxes, plastic containers, and so on. Arts and crafts projects are a great way to pass time, helps develop new skills, and encourages creativity.

4. Play board games

If you’ve got a shelf or cupboard full of games that are just sitting there, collecting dust, it’s time to get them back out. Games are fun, free winter activities that are loved by all. You can even make the game more exciting by creating a tournament with a small prize for the winner. The prize doesn't have to cost a penny. It could be their choice of a meal, a day off from chores, or their choice of a movie.

5. Plan a summer holiday

This is an activity the entire family can be involved in. Decide together on a holiday destination. Pick out dates to check out flights and accommodations (if needed) to get an estimate of the cost. Make up lists of items that would be essential for the trip. Look at the different ways to save money during the trip. This could be anything from preparing meals while on the go instead of eating out, setting up campsite rather than staying in a hotel, or taking a road trip instead of flying to the destination.

6. Look at the lights and decorations

Take a drive or walk around your neighborhood during the evening to look at lights that people have up for the holiday. Some neighborhoods go all out and have great light displays. This is something enjoyable for the whole family.

7. Go on a hike 

While visiting the park in the winter might seem dreadful, nature in the snow is breathtakingly beautiful. In order to keep your family members interested have everyone on the look out for a variety of birds, certain kinds of trees, pine cones, and even animal tracks. It can be both educational and fun trying to identify all the different species. 

8. Put together a jigsaw puzzle

This is a great activity to do with family. Try to challenge your family with a puzzle that has at least 500 pieces. It will take time to complete and keep everyone focused on placing all the pieces in the proper places. 

9. Read a novel together

Sitting around together snuggled in blankets with a new novel is a great way to spend time together. We usually pick out a classic and read it to the children for about 30 minutes in the mid afternoon. A few of our favorites have been Treasure Island, The Hobbit, and Stuart Little.

10. Have a movie night 

Get into your warm pajamas, pop some popcorn or any other snack, and get cozy. Have each family member take turns choosing a family movie that everyone can enjoy together. 

Free and Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun as a Family This Winter

Do you know of any other free and inexpensive ways to have fun as a family this winter?

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