Frost Has Arrived in Yeovil England

Frost Has Arrived in Yeovil England

My family and I have been living in Yeovil, England for just over four months. It is a wonderful place to live especially with children. The weather here is mostly predictable. Now that we are in December we have begun to see frost appear overnight. No snow as of yet though.

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The weather station has been predicting snow for several days now. With frost on the ground and temperatures down to minus 5 and 6 at night it may just be possible.

Doing the early morning school walk has been quite bitter to my children and I. While my boys don't seem to mind the chill my little girl is quite happy to wear her Hello Kitty hat, scarf, and mittens. They are made of fleece and keep her head and little hands toasty warm. I myself can no longer push her pram without my own gloves

In just one week children here in Yeovil will be out for their winter holidays. I am really looking forward to having my boys home over the next few weeks. I am even more happy with not having to make the early morning walk to and from school. Inside where it is warm and cozy is the place to be in the early morning.

We do enjoy spending time outside in the chilly air later in morning and early afternoons while the sun is shining strong and bright. Walking over the frosty ground giving off these crunchy sounds and breathing in the cooler fresh air.

I hope everyone will enjoy this chilly time of year no matter where you may be.

Frost Has Arrived in Yeovil England

Do be sure to keep yourself warm on the days when temperatures are low and frost can be seen.

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