Keep Warm with HBCU Varsity Jackets
Keep Warm with HBCU Varsity Jackets

That love and pride you felt when you or someone you love graduates is one of the purest, most authentic feelings. It never fades and is always cherished. At Legacy History Pride we are always humbled and overjoyed to help you celebrate these fantastic moments.

A varsity jacket is one of the most celebrated garments many proud HBCU grads and family can own.

Now that we are in the autumn season and nearing the holidays a varsity jacket could be the perfect gift for someone you know.

Here are just a few of the many varieties and styles available.

Morgan State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

Morgan State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

A symbol of school spirit and authentic Morgan State University cool, the varsity jacket is an iconic LegacyHistoryPride silhouette. The details on the sleeves with the "Morgan Bears" mascot  along with "Growing the Future Leading the World" school motto on the back screams school pride with a sporty style. It’s crafted in wool with leather sleeves and pockets, and finished with signature striped ribbed trim.

Tennessee State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

Tennessee State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

A symbol of school spirit and authentic Tennessee State University cool, the varsity jacket is an iconic LegacyHistoryPride silhouette. The details on the sleeves with the "Tiger" mascot and "TSU" along with "Go Big Blue" on the back screams school pride with a sporty style. It’s crafted in wool with leather sleeves and pockets, and finished with signature striped ribbed trim.

Virginia State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

Virginia State University "Motto 2.0" varsity jacket

A symbol of school spirit and authentic Virginia State University cool, the varsity jacket is an iconic LegacyHistoryPride silhouette. The details on the sleeves with the "Trojan" mascot and "VSU" along with "Hail State" motto on the back screams school pride with a sporty orange style. It’s crafted in wool with leather sleeves and pockets, and finished with signature striped ribbed trim.

Keep Warm with HBCU Varsity Jackets

Which Legacy History Pride varsity jacket is your favorite?

Benefits of Wearing Bombshell Leggings for Exercise
Benefits of Wearing Bombshell Leggings for Exercise

When it comes to athletic and workout apparel most women want the most comfortable and durable available. Athletic and workout leggings are no exception.

Bombshell leggings offer the best selection when it comes to activewear, athleisure & lifestyle wear for women. Available in a variety of fabrics, styles, sizes, and colors you are sure to find the leggings that best suit your comfort and performance.

The following are benefits of wearing Bombshell leggings for exercise.

1. Easy to wear 

Leggings are very easy to wear. If you have to spend a lot of time preparing, they can make the process easier for you.

2. Comfort 

Leggings are soft and unrestricting. They allow legs to move freely and they feel exhilarating on the skin. Some might even say leggings are more comfortable than pajamas.

3. Variety 

There is a wide variety of workout leggings so you can easily find something that you like. Workout leggings that are comfortable, breathable, contain moisture wicking fabric, and durable are some of the qualities women look for when choosing leggings.

4. Motivation

Many women may hesitate to go to the gym due to feeling insecure. These insecurities can get the better of you, and drain you of the motivation necessary to return to the gym the next day. Wearing leggings can actually be the perfect motivation needed to work on your body.

5. Supportive

The right leggings will keep everything in place. Whether you enjoy lifting, running, biking, or other types of exercise, leggings will help you keep things in place. 

6. Provide an increased flow of oxygen

During a workout, muscles require a lot of oxygen to keep them performing at optimal levels. The materials leggings are made out of tend to be porous and allow for more oxygen to flow to the muscle. This helps boost athletic performance.

7. Can help prevent strains 

Because leggings have a tight fit, they work to compress muscles providing support and decreasing swelling. Their soft material prevents them from causing any sort of irritation to the affected area.

Bombshell Leggings for Women's Workout

Did you know about the benefits of wearing Bombshell leggings during exercise?

Talent That Won’t Fail to Make Your Night Memorable

Talent That Won’t Fail to Make Your Night Memorable

Anyone can book a party. Anyone can play music from a speaker and keep guests entertained that way.

But it takes a special mind to concoct a grand scheme to make a party truly memorable: booking live entertainment. There’s a certain air of excitement that your event will take on during such an occasion. People will be awaiting your performer’s act all night until it starts, and it will be one to remember no matter what because, whatever else happens, people will remember a live performance at a party.

But what talent do you need for this? It takes maybe an eagle eye to know what your guests will enjoy. Should you get a singer, a comedian, or a magician?

It’s all about knowing your audience. Here are some examples of talent that won’t fail to make your night memorable.


These days, you can book a comedian pretty easily online. They’ll come to your event, get set up, and read the audience to determine what kind of show to put on. It always seems that comedy is much funnier in person, as opposed to on TV, because it’s more personal. It’s a show directed at you and those around you. As a result, the excitement is heightened, and people will be more inclined to laugh. So don’t rule out comedians when you’re thinking of live entertainment.


If your guests won’t be sitting around and paying attention much, then perhaps a live singer would be better for your event. If people will be moving around, drinks in hand, making small talk and eating food, then you could probably benefit from an acoustic guitarist who can stay respectfully in the background to set the mood.

Or branch out from singers to more instrumental artists. Maybe a live saxophonist could really get your party rocking. Think about your event and the people who will be at it, and plan the music accordingly.


Finally, if you’re having a party for children or generally younger people, perhaps a magician would be best as your event’s main act. Magicians to this day remain entertaining as they wow the crowds with tricks, illusions, and just plain fun.

Some musicians will even combine magic and comedy, a wonderful pairing if you’re looking for an all-around good show. Also, magicians aren’t only for kids, as some of them combine more adult humor with their tricks.

Talent That Won’t Fail to Make Your Night Memorable

All in all, the acts you choose will depend on what kind of event you’re throwing, but if you know your family and friends, you shouldn’t have much trouble booking your next party’s live entertainment.

7 Non-Beauty Uses for a Pumice Stone


Non-Beauty Uses for a Pumice Stone

The pumice stone is most commonly known for its exfoliating properties. People usually use pumice stone for removing corns, calluses, and dead skin cells. 

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Actually there are some handy uses for a pumice stone besides using on your feet or body.

Did you know that a pumice stone is formed when lava and water mix together? This makes it into a light yet abrasive stone used to remove dry, dead skin. A pumice stone can also soften your calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction.

Here are 7 alternative uses for a pumice stone.

1. Clean the oven 

If you are looking for a chemical-free way to clean your oven this is for you. Simply wet a pumice stone and gently buff off grease and burnt on messes. Keep the stone wet to avoid any scratches on the surface.

2.  DIY tea light candle holder

Easily carve out a base to fit a tea light candle. All you need for this is a butter knife and spoon.

3. Essential oil diffuser

Filled with lots of air spaces, this volcanic rock is ideal for soaking up essential oils and slowly releasing them back into the air. All you need is an inexpensive small mesh bag. Soak a pumice stone with around 30 drops of your favourite essential oil(s). Place the stone in the mesh bag and place it on a surface or hang it anywhere in your home. Replenish the oil when you need to and keep your home smelling nice and lovely all year round.

4. De-pill sweaters 

Those little balls hanging off your favorite sweaters can be so annoying but easily removed. Take a pumice stone and lightly run it over the fabric and it should easily catch the balls. Prevent further pilling by turning garments inside out before washing them.

5. Clean the toilet 

Toilets that are dirty, stained, or have a build up of mineral deposits can be difficult to deal with. Simply wet the toilet and bowl with a spray bottle containing half vinegar and half water or your usual bathroom cleaner. Leave for 15 minutes then with a wet pumice stone gently scrub the stains. 

6. Remove rust from tools 

There is nothing more annoying than seeing rust surface on your favorite household or gardening tools. Before throwing them in the garbage try this method. Lay down a clean cloth or towel on a flat surface. Fill a small bowl with some water for dipping the stone to keep it wet. Rub the stone over any affected areas of your tools. Use the cloth or towel to thoroughly dry your tools after getting rid of the rust.

7. Remove pet hair 

An effective way to remove pet hair from the sofa, rugs, and car seats is to scrub the area with a pumice stone.

Non-Beauty Uses for a Pumice Stone

Do you have any other alternative uses for a pumice stone?

4 Reasons Why Ottawa is a Great Place to Live

When most people move within Canada, three cities are usually on the top of their lists.

Unfortunately, many people overlook Ottawa as an option.  As the nation's capital, Ottawa has a lot of power, many jobs, and a lot of incredible people!  If you're considering moving, and aren't sure if this city is a great choice for you, here are the top reasons it's a great pick for anyone.

The Nation’s Capital

Although a nation's capital isn't as important location-wise with the furthering of communication technology, Ottawa is still a vital part of almost all legislation and decision-making.  While in the city, you can see parliament, the prime ministers' estate, and hundreds of other historic buildings that hold a heavy significance with them.  There’s so much in Ottawa that’s worth a second look, and every part of this city helps mold Canada into the country that it is.

The Best Schools for Kids

If you’re looking at Ottawa homes for sale so that your family can move out here: you'll never find a better match for a family with kids.  Because it's the country's capital, there are countless politicians, lawyers, and military representatives who have children in the school systems.  This ensures a lot of money is invested into offering the best education possible for children in the area.

Ottawa University is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, so even when the kids have graduated secondary school, there are great education options within the city.  Getting to know the educational system in the town is a large reason why many families move into Ottawa.

Fantastic Mixture of Art and History

Inexpensive Despite High Quality of Life

Although most large cities are expensive: Ottawa likes to prove that you can live in a large city without having to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  The cost of living is surprisingly low compared to the national average.  On top of this, the quality of life is incredibly high.  People who live in Ottawa get the chance to live in an extremely culturally enriching city while also saving a lot of money.  This all makes the city more appetizing for families who are trying to start a life for themselves.

Art and History Are Vital

Outside of schools and formal education: the museums in Ottawa can't be rivaled.  Whatever topic you're interested in: there's a museum for it, from the incredible royal gardens to museums for sciences, art, history, and endless other options.  The most popular museums are the Canadian Museum of Nature, which delves into the country's natural history since long before it became Canada, and the National Gallery of Canada, which showcases the best artists born both in and outside of the country.  

Ottawa is more than just a capital city.  This is a thriving and ever-growing, and changing area that anyone would be lucky to call home.  From the gorgeous museums to the education and quality of life, it's impossible to beat this city.

TruDog's Amazing Single Ingredient Treats
TruDog's Amazing Single Ingredient Treats

Finding the best treats for your dog can be difficult at times. There are so many different options and varieties to choose from.

**I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Treats are often given to pet's as a reward for training, a reward for good behavior, or to give them something to chew on. Giving your dog the occasional treat is not a bad thing. Treats don't have to be unhealthy either.

TruDog has you covered. Unlike most commercial dog treats TruDog natural dog treats are free from additives, carcinogens, fillers, by-products, and GMOs. TruDog treats also make the best treats for puppies.

This means that every ingredient is meant specifically for your dog’s body and health, without compromise. Real meat also promotes energy and vitality, healthy skin, and a soft, shiny coat. Their ingredients are always sourced, made, and packaged right in the United States. You can treat your dog with the peace of mind of knowing they’re the highest quality treats you can get.

A favorite treat of many informed dog parents are the Treat me Bully Sticks, suitable for dogs of all sizes. These bully sticks are all natural, long lasting, highly digestible, and protein rich. Unlike other chews, these natural beef pizzle treats are good for your dog! Oven baked in their natural casings, TREAT ME Bully Sticks are the treat you can feel great about giving your furbaby.

If your furbaby hasn't yet tried natural dog treats from TruDog this month is the perfect time to give it a try. Throughout the month of August save 60% off the Treat Me Chicken Jerky with Sweet Potato and pumpkin 3-pack.

TruDog is also celebrating Rawgust this month. To celebrate you can save 15% sitewide through August 31st with the code RAWGUST15AP

TruDog's Amazing Single Ingredient Treats

Gift your furbaby with TruDog's Amazing Single Ingredient Treats today!

Why a Raw Food Diet is the Best for Your Furbaby #Rawgust

When you have a dog you will want the best for your furbaby. The same goes for their meals. Dogs are carnivores by nature and they need to eat a raw food diet in order to keep them happy and healthy. 

**I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

A raw food diet is made with natural, real ingredients such as beef, chicken, lamb, peas, carrots, and spinach can do wonders for your pet's overall well-being. There are many benefits including a boost in their immune system, increased energy levels, improved heart health, digestive system, and eyesight, plus more. 

Rawgust is a combination of the words raw and August. It came about as people started following a raw food diet and would do so in the month of August. People have now chosen to try changing their dog's diet to raw food during this time.

31 days gives owners adequate time to observe their dog for any changes in their health and wellness. Once you see the benefits that come from feeding your furbaby raw foods you can make the dietary change more permanent.

TruDog by TruPet products offer nourishing freeze-dried raw dog food, dog food toppers, supplements, and a wide variety of limited ingredient treats.

With TruDog there is no preparation needed nor is there any need to thaw or cook the food. It is simply ready to serve.

If you are interested in switching to a new raw diet there is no need to rush into it. It is best to start slowly in order to avoid and tummy trouble for your furbaby.

Right now you can save 10% sitewide until July 31, with the code JULMAS10AP.

Visit TruDog to find out more about transitioning and why raw dog food is more beneficial to your dog's health.