Creative Uses for Cable Ties


Creative Uses for Cable Ties

Cable ties which are also referred to as zip ties are a handy addition to any tool kit. They are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and thickness. Often used as a way to organize and tidy cables these ties actually can be used for more than this. 

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The following are 10 alternative and creative uses for cable ties

1. Attach labels

Make sure the labels you attach to a basket stay in place by using two cable ties. Make a hole in the two top corners of your label and then attach it to the basket using the ties. This should keep the label securely in place.

2. Childproof cabinets

Keep curious little children away from cabinets that contain dangerous items such as cleaning supplies, medicines, or sharp knives by securing the cabinet doors together with cable ties. Reusable cable ties are perfect for this use as they allow you to access the necessary items when needed and then easily “lock” the cabinet doors when finished.

3. Organize your garage or basement 

To clean up your garage or basement and make it clutter free, use cable ties to help secure your tools, gardening items, and/or sporting goods. Simply thread the tie through two holes in a pegboard and secure it in the back. Leave it loose enough so that you can fit things like handles and sticks through.

4. DIY key ring

You can use a small cable tie as a key ring, which is a handy option if you find yourself in a jam.

5. Hold flashcards together

For any parents struggling to keep flashcards from going missing, simply punch a hole in each corner of the cards and tie them together.

6. Unclog a sink

If you ever find your sink clogged using  a long cable tie can help. Cut several notches on the end of the tie. It’ll hook whatever is causing the clog, allowing you to pull it out. The size of the eye of the tie should prevent you from inadvertently pushing the tie past the stopper.

7. Keep pant zippers from falling down

Do you have a favorite pair of pants and the zipper just won’t stay up? Help secure it with a cable tie. Just loop the cable tie through the end of the zipper, zip up your pants, then hook the loop over the button. Now, button your pants like normal. Don't worry about someone noticing as it won't look obvious enough.

8. Secure luggage

Cable ties are also a quick and easy way to secure your luggage. They are a deterrent to anyone who may want to mess with your belongings. Plus you won't need to keep a key with you to open the lock that you would have probably used instead.

9. Make a hanging herb garden with tin cans

great way to recycle your cans is to use them as mini-planters for a herb garden. To make sure they get adequate sunlight, hang them from a curtain rod above a window. This can be done by punching two holes on opposite sides of the can and threading a cable tie through to make a handle.

10. Keep your plants upright

Cable ties can help the plants in your garden stay tall and straight. Simply place a cable tie around the plant and a stick stuck in the ground. As the plant grows, add more ties to keep it growing straight. Make sure not to over tighten the cable tie to avoid causing damage to the plant.

Creative Uses for Cable Ties

Do you know of any other alternative or creative uses for cable ties?

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