A Snowy Day in Yeovil

A Snowy Day in Yeovil

Upon waking up this morning we could see a second morning of frost on the ground. Thinking nothing further we just went on our usual morning rush to get everyone ready for a normal day ahead.

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My husband was off to work and shortly afterwards I was out the door on my way to drop my two boys to school while pushing my little girl in her stroller.

After dropping my boys off to school I stuck around to make sure they got in and then headed on back home. Less than one minute had past when the snowflakes began to fall. 

When my little girl and I arrived home we were nearly covered in white snowflakes. We didn't go inside immediately. I wanted to enjoy the snow with her while we could. By this time tomorrow it could be all melted.

We had fun just wandering around the yard picking up and throwing snow. Taking photos of the wonderful white patches all around us.

As the afternoon moved in so did the sunshine so bright that it was melting the snow at a quick pace. Soon after it was time to take my little girl and head back to school to pick up my boys.

We arrived home and with my husband arriving just a minute later we stayed outside and enjoyed what was left of the snow. Our family had a load of fun together in the snow.

A Snowy Day in Yeovil

Today was a snowy day in Yeovil, a beautiful scene that we could only hope to enjoy for more than just one day.

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