How to Organize Family Activities with Zip Bags

How to Organize Family Activities with Zip Bags

Now that you have been spending more time inside the home than perhaps ever before, you and your family may have taken up new hobbies and activities. Arts and crafts, board games, and puzzles are some activities that families can enjoy together.

Most families have an abundance of these items throughout their homes. Whether stored away on closet shelves or inside boxes it is usually easy for the packaging to become torn or damaged over time. You could get out some tape to hold the boxes in place. However a more lasting solution is to use zip bags. Who would have thought that something as simple as a zip bag could make things so much more easier.

You’ll want packages of zip bags that come in a different sizes since these activity items come in a variety of sizes and quantities. They take up different amounts of space and you want them to fit snug in the bag so the contents don’t move around too much.

Simply follow these steps to organize your arts and craft supplies, games and puzzles.

1. Gather

Go and round up all the supplies, games, and puzzles from around your home and place them in one area.

2. Sort

Sort into three piles. One to keep, the second one for donation, and the last one for throwing out. Donate those which you no longer play with. Throw out any games or puzzles that are broken or  missing pieces.

zip bag

3. Match

Choose one type of arts and craft supplies, board game, or puzzle and choose the zip bag that will best fit it. If there are smaller items such as pegs, dice, or cards plus the game board, use one of the smallest zip bag pouches for those and then put this smaller zip bag inside your larger zip bag. 

4. Include the important information

Using a pair of scissors, cut out any instructions that may be on the original packaging such as the scene for putting together a puzzle. Also, include any paper instructions found inside, which is usually the case for board games. 

5. Store them together 

A basket or any type of storage bin works great for this. Now all your family's fun activities are easily accessible from one bin to enjoy together.

How to Organize Family Activities with Zip Bags

Do you organize your family activities with Zip bags

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