How To Find Time for Yourself as a Mom

 How To Find Time for Yourself as a Mom

Being a mom can be the most fulfilling role you will ever have, and while you wouldn't change it for the world, you still need a little time for yourself. This is so important as children need a healthy and happy mom.

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Being a mom means being available to your children around the clock, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Depending on your children's ages and circumstances, you might be doing everything from feeding, bathing, and dressing your children to helping them with their education and assisting with activities outside the home. It is so important to find a way to give yourself some free time no matter how busy you may be.

The following are ways you as a mom can find time for yourself.

1. Early rise 

Arise an hour or so earlier. Getting up before your children do allows you time to prepare yourself for the day ahead without the usual interruptions. Grab yourself a shower followed by a hot cup of coffee or tea then relax with a book, journal, or some social media. Waking up earlier gives you a chance to get yourself ready for the day ahead before anything else starts. There are even more benefits to waking up early

2. Follow a daily routine

Routines provide the day with a structure that gives young children a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. Schedules begin from the first days of life. Children thrive on routines, even from an early age. Babies, especially, need regular sleep and meal times and even routines leading up to those activities such as bathing and story time. 

3. Go outside

Spending time outside, especially in green spaces is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health. Take your children outside with you and relax while they play.

4. Include your children in household chores

Even from a young age you can ask your children to pick up their own toys before bedtime. Having them place their toys into a toy box or basket can become a fun game for them, while being helpful for you. Household chores teaches children responsibility and gives them independence. 

5. Invest in a slow cooker

The slow cooker is a great invention and is perfect for busy families who want to come home to a hot, hearty meal after work without having to spend time preparing it. Easily prepare a meal with some meat and vegetables added to your slow cooker. There are so many recipes that can be prepared in your slow cooker such as casseroles, stews, soups, chili, and pudding.

6. Exercise

Finding time to exercise can certainly be a challenge for many moms. Getting outside is particularly helpful whether it's walking to the store, jogging with the stroller, or bicycling around the block. There are many times you may find yourself unable to venture outside for exercise. Looking into an at home exercise or training program can help if you are not sure where to start.

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7. Do something creative

Find a hobby that you can do inside your home. Painting, knitting, baking, or whatever your heart desires. A hobby gives you a solid desire for that time you need for yourself. When you have something that you are really passionate about, you will be more determined to stick with it.

8. Do a fun activity together as a family

Is there a board game or other activity you enjoyed doing during your childhood that seems unpopular with children these days? Choose one that you enjoy and teach it to your children. Whether it be a board game, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, or art project  you will feel a sense of happiness along with your family.

9. Take an educational class

Have you been wanting to learn something new or brush up on something you learned a while back? There are tons of free and inexpensive online classes where you can learn a new skill such as a foreign language, cooking, painting, freelancing, website design, and more.

10. Volunteer

There are so many benefits with this. You make a difference for others, escape personal worries, and grow as a person. This about what kind of volunteering interests you and find a group to join.  It could be environmental, educational, or anything that brings you a sense of purpose.

11. Spend time with your spouse

Remember that time before you had children? You and your spouse might have spent many evenings cuddled up on the sofa relaxing, enjoying a movie, and chatting into the night. This may have ended after having children, but it is so important to keep your relationship healthy and happy with your spouse. Even when you are tired, take the time to have some quality time together. It could even be something as simple as having a cup of coffee together and talking. Reconnecting with your spouse will help you find yourself again and remind you of the importance of taking time no only for yourself but also for one another. 

12. Take a bath

Fill the tub with hot water and squeeze a few drops of lavender essential oil. Grab a loofa or sponge and exfoliate your skin naturally with a homemade sugar scrub. Simply mix a half-cup of sugar with enough olive or grapeseed oil to make a paste and apply to face in circular motion. Let sit for 10 minutes and wash away with warm water.

13. Connect to other moms online

Catch up on your favorite blogs, or connect with other moms through social media. Just be sure to limit your screen time so that all your free time isn't spent straining your eyes or staying up until the long hours of the night.

How To Find Time for Yourself as a Mom

How do you find time for yourself as a mom?

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