Salt is a very inexpensive product. It is used to simply add flavor and taste to dishes.Though it has many uses for cooking there are also many other uses for salt.

It is great for using as a cleaning substitute, aiding in health and beauty treatments, as well as garden maintenance. Salt does not contain all the harsh chemicals that are found in commercial household cleaning products, beauty care products, and any pesticide deterrents.

Cleaning Uses:

1. Deodorize and keep grease from building up in sink drains. Mix some salt with hot water and pour down the drains. Do this at lease once a week. 

2. Remove coffee and tea stains from cups. Mix salt with a little dish liquid to make a soft scrub.

3. Remove water rings on wood caused by hot beverages or hot dishes. Make a dry paste of salt and olive oil and gently rub over the rings.

4. Remove rough and sticky spots from the bottom of an iron. Sprinkle some salt on a piece of paper and place the hot iron over it.
5. Deodorize cutting boards. Dip a dampened cloth into some salt and rub into the cutting board.
6. Deodorize shoes. Sprinkle a little salt inside and then remove it from the shoes the next morning.
7. Brighten colored clothes. Add half a cup of salt to the wash cycle.
8. Prevent clothes from freezing in winter if hanging clothes to dry outside. Add two tablespoons in the final rinse.
9. Dissolve excess suds caused by over adding laundry detergent by sprinkling some salt over.
10. Clean cast iron pans. Sprinkle salt over the inside of the pan and rub it with a dry cloth.

Health and Beauty Uses:

1. Help relieve a sore throat. Stir in half a teaspoon of salt into and eight ounce glass of water and use as a gargle. 

2. Extend the life of toothbrushes. Soak them in salt water before first use.

3. Make a mouthwash. Mix together equal parts of salt and baking soda.

4. Make a bath scrub. Mix salt with a little olive oil forming a thin paste. Rub all over body prior to showering to help remove dead skin cells and feel rejuvenated.
5. Give yourself an exfoliating massage. After finishing a bath rub salt over your skin while it is still wet.

Gardening Uses:

1. Get rid of weeds. Sprinkle salt in the cracks along the patio, driveway, and sidewalk where weeds are present and add sprinkle with water. Then pull the weeds out.

2. Get rid of poison ivy. Dissolve one cup of salt into one gallon of hot water. Pour over the poison ivy.

3. Deter ants. Sprinkle in the areas where ants congregate.

4. Kill moths. Sprinkle salt directly onto moth.
5. Kill slugs. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over them. Wait 5 minutes and then sprinkle more salt over them.

20 Non-Food Uses For Salt

20 Non-Food Uses For salt