How to Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

How to Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

As winter moves in and the weather becomes colder so comes the need for warmer winter essentials. Wind, snow, and ice along with cold air makes it more crucial than ever to ensure that you stay warm. Whether you are staying around the home or heading outside this winter you will need to keep your feet warm. Feet when not kept warm can create many issues. Cold, wet feet can lead to painful toes and can even increase the risk of frostbite in extreme conditions.

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Keeping your feet warm in cold weather can also help keep your overall health in check during a time when the body is more vulnerable to seasonal colds and flu. Having warmer feet opens up the blood vessels in them to allow more efficient blood flow and help your body to redistribute heat all around itself. In turn, this helps you to sleep better, bring back your energy, and generally improve your overall health.

The following are 10 wa
yto keep your feet warm in winter.

Hot beverages

underestimate the power of a hot drink. Hot cocoa/cider is reserved for the coldest adventures for our family and is a special treat. We like to pre-make ours and bring along in a thermos with cups (and lids) for everyone.

2. Move around 

Exercising for at least ten minutes can help warm your feet.
 Good circulation improves our overall health as nutrients and oxygen are transported more efficiently to all area of our body. When our circulation is sluggish it’s often our extremities that suffer and this can lead to cold feet. Getting your circulation going is a great way to keep your feet warm. The easiest way to improve your circulation is to move your body.  Go for a walk, run, or if at home do some yoga.

3. Dress when your body is warm

Put on your socks and shoes in your warm, cozy home so that they can hold in the heat of your body. If you wait until you’re outside your body will need to work to equalize the temperature. This isn’t likely to be a problem, since people rarely go outside before putting on their shoes, but keep this tip in mind when you’re donning your mittens, hat, and scarf. If your hands aren’t already warm inside their mittens when you leave the house, they’ll struggle to get warm while you’re outside.

Keep hydrated

As fall settles in, you may not take in the same amount of water you did during the hot summer. However, it’s still important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of liquids. If you’re dehydrated, your circulatory system will suffer.

Invest in a warm pair of boots

Good quali
ty winter boots are essential in keeping your feet cozy, warm and dry. Ensure that your boots have a thick sole like the
 Women's Kamik Momentum 2 which are insulated, waterproof, and provides excellent grip on icy and snowy terrain. Your feet will keep warm, dry, and cozy even in freezing temperatures

Toe warmers

warmers are single-use inserts that provide gentle heat for up to six hours. You put them in your shoes above or below your toes. Just opening up the plastic packet activates them. 
HotHands Toe Warmers are single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your toes warm when the temperature gets cold. These warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the great outdoors during those harsh winter months. The toe warmers are ultra-thin, have a rounded toe and are designed for optimal comfort in boots & shoes.

Wear slippers around the home

When socks are not enough to keep your feet warm try putting on a pair of slippers. Choose slippers that keeps feet cozy, and never sweaty like these
Women's dluxe Scuff Slide Slipper

Smart wool socks 

The first layer of insulation is most important so investing in good quality socks is essential. Wh
en selecting socks, ensure they are the appropriate thickness. Socks that are too thick may restrict blood flow when in enclosed footwear and make the problem worse. Merino wool socks can be purchased in different thicknesses enabling you to wear them under winter boots and work footwear. Merino wool offers very good warmth and insulation and is very comfortable. The addition of synthetic fabrics can give socks better moisture management, keeping your feet drier for longer. Merino has the benefit of not only keeping your feet warm but also being very soft next to the skin, giving a little added luxury. 

9. Shoe liners

If wearing shoes with thin soles and some extra room to move, shoe liners can be used to increase the distance between your feet and the ground. Sheepskin insole liners are a good option. 
Plush sheepskin and dual-density foam come together to deliver cushioning and support in a versatile insole.

Soak your feet

This will slowly increase circulation, gradually warming up your feet. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. In fact, taking drastic measures to warm up cold toes, like placing your foot on a hot radiator or too close to a blazing fire, can actually cause fluid to leak from your blood vessels, leading to inflammation and swelling.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

How do you keep your feet warm in winter?

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