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Have a friend or someone in your family who enjoys to knit. Knitters tend to feel that they have everything they need. No matter what the occasion, most knitters appreciate getting knitting tools and supplies as a gift. Darn Good Yarn however has more than just the basic supplies.

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Darn Good Yarn’s online store is dedicated to supporting women’s economic empowerment, fair trade practices, and principles of environmental sustainability. It offers dozens of other fibers, cloths and wholesale yarn, allowing knitters access to these rare and special items. They have a great selection of accessories and gear that many knitters may not even know about. Wouldn't it be exciting to gift someone something you know would be most appreciated.

Here are some wonderful ideas to help you find the right knitting gift for someone special.

1. Darn Good Yarn of the Month Subscription Box


The Annual Yarn of the Month Subscription Box

For only $20 a month you can give (or get) the only eco-friendly yarn subscription! Every month you'll receive a skein of premium eco-friendly yarn, a knit AND crochet pattern, and a surprise goody! This gift will bring someone in your life crafting joy for the whole year!

2. Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

$25.00 was $69.00

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

If the knitter in your life doesn't have a yarn bowl, this is definitely a gift they'll appreciate! Yarn bowls hold your cakes and balls of yarn while you knit to keep them from rolling away, help the yarn to unwind neatly while you work and serve as a handy storage place for knitting needles. These bowls make a big difference in the ease and convenience of working on a knitting project.

3. Holiday Sweater Stitch Markers


Holiday Sweater Stitch Markers

When you're deep in a project, wondering if you'll ever finish... use these impossibly cute stitch markers as inspiration to carry on! They're helpful for counting stitches and keeping track of rows for newbies or pros. Each pack includes five colorful designs, each with a bead and holiday sweater charm. It's hard to pick a favorite, but ours is the one with the llamas.

4. Knitting Patterns and Kits Like the Enchantress Shawl Knitting Kit 


Enchantress Shawl Knitting Kit

This fun shawl kit is great for intermediate knitters. The knitting kit includes yarn and pattern.

One of the most exciting things that a knitter can receive is a brand new pattern. This is an even better gift when it comes with the yarn needed to complete the pattern! Knitting Patterns and Kits provide your gift recipients with new opportunities to do what they love and make handmade items that will remind them of you!

Many of Darn Good Yarn's knitting patterns are available for free, or for low prices! All kits include both a pattern along with the corresponding yarn in the color of your choosing!

5. Darn Good Yarn Swift


Darn Good Yarn Swift

Get working on your next knit or crochet project faster than ever with this  Darn Good Yarn Swift! Get quickly and easily ball your yarn, without getting it tangled or knotted.

Made in India, these yarn swifts are super compact but stretch out to take on your largest skeins of yarn or your smallest. They can slip right away into your crafting tools drawer and just pull it out whenever you need to whip up a skein into a ball!

6. Yarn Like This Chiffon Ribbon Color Pack

$45.99 was $75.99

Chiffon Ribbon Color Pack

Who doesn’t ogle over color? The Chiffon Ribbon Color Pack give you 4 skeins of Chiffon (you choose the colorway) and a surprise pattern. This is a great way to play with color and chiffon at the same time and really tap into your creativity! This one might seem obvious - but that's why it so often gets overlooked! Never assume that the knitters in your life have enough yarn. For a committed knitter, there is no such thing as too much yarn! 

7. Ombre Knitting Needles and a Crochet Hook Bundle


Ombre knitting needles and a crochet hook Bundle

Be inspired with this bundle of gorgeous, wooden, ombre knitting needles and a crochet hook. These beauties have been custom made with the sole purpose of putting even more beauty in your hands while you work up your projects. The wooden nature of these needles and hooks make them really easy to work with and the vibrant sparkly purple makes them a delight to display when not in use!

8. Lotus Flower Gauge Measuring Tool 


Lotus Flower Gauge Measuring Tool

The Lotus Flower Gauge Ruler is a lotus-shaped tool used for knitting projects. Do you have knitting needles in your craft supply stash without any size markings? Have no fear! This tool will help you measure the exact size of your knitting needles and help you find the correct gauge for your knitting projects.

9. World's Best Mom Coffee Mug


World's Best Mom Coffee Mug

Let your coffee mug speak for you with a great collection of Funny Coffee Mugs! These cute, ceramic, quotable mugs are big enough to fit however much coffee or tea you need to get you through the day. Have a laugh with each and every sip you take of your favorite beverage. 

10. Paisley Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case


Paisley Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case

Looking for a storage solution for all those pesky knitting needles or crochet hooks? This Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case is just the right size for storing your knit and crochet essentials and is small enough to fit into a larger project bag.

11. Falling Leaf Key Chain

$10.00 was $12.99

Falling Leaf Key Chain

Have someone stylish on your list who has just about everything? This tasseled falling leaf keychain is the most adorable way to keep all your keys organized and in one place. With a wooden frame and dreamy autumnal colors, this unique accessory will please even the toughest fashionista.

12. Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag Bundle 

$99.00 was $199.00

Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag Bundle

Hey crafters! Darn Good Yarn understands the need to have your projects by your side and ready to go when you are…say hello to their Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag Bundle! Sturdy, roomy, and our favorite color—purple—this bundle is packed with TEN skeins of mystery yarn, 5mm ombre knitting needles and hook pack, stitch markers, and other fun DGY goodies. Go ahead, get carried away!

PS this bag has over 8 pockets and 3 removable sections for easy organization inside the bag!

What are some gifts ideas you have for knitters? 



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