How to Grow as an Influencer/Mom Blogger

How to Grow as an Influencer/Mom Blogger

Starting a blog/website is really quite simple. Making money from your blog/website however will take dedication, time and hard work. The real challenge comes in being able to maintain and grow your site so that you can eventually become successful as an influencer. This will give you the ability and confidence you need in order to reach out to marketers.

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I started Simple Mama At Home seven years and eight months ago. At this time I was at home with my eight month old son and was looking for a hobby I could take on in my spare time. I searched around the internet to look for projects and ideas that I could do while at home. It was then that I discovered that many moms, like myself were blogging and making a profit from it.

The rise of mom bloggers has been a worldwide trend, with some mom bloggers now earning a significant income from their role as social media influencers. You may be wondering what is the difference between a blogger and a social media influencer.  blogger is someone with a website where they host a blog and publish their own original, valuable content. An influencer is someone with an online platform who has a massive following and therefore a large impact on an audience's buying decisions. Not all bloggers are influencers.

I was just a blogger when I started out. However, just a few months later I wanted to make money from my site. I had no idea what I was in for. It required so much trial and error before I got my site designed and tweaked to where I was satisfied. 

Over time, my blog grew and became more popular. I started getting offers for influencer and sponsorship requests my inbox. I received offers on everything from children's fashion and toys to healthy living to home maintenance and and much more.

This is one of my favorite things about being a blogger as you never know what opportunities are going to come to your way.

The first way I started making money on 
Simple Mama At Home was with affiliate marketing. At first, I was just placing ads all over the main page of my site as well as links within blog posts. There was no rhyme or reason as to how I was placing these ads. After noticing very little success with affiliate marketing I began researching ways to properly use affiliate links and after some time actually saw an increase in profits. Shockingly, it took me several months to get to this level.

I spent time educating myself about blogging successfully. I had learned that i
t's not just about the writing. You have to embrace technology and become avid users of social media. Social media has become a fantastic way to develop a network and create influence around the things we're most passionate about. Some may find this hard to believe, but as moms, there are actually things out there (besides our children) that motivate us and give us purpose. For me, it's being able to interact with other moms, share life experiences, and offer tips on products I love. For other women or moms it could be anything from home projects to helping others and themselves become more healthy and physically fit. Jessica Strange is an influencer who launched the website Velo Me, a space dedicated to encouraging more women to step out of their comfort zones and get active with mountain biking.

You also have to build relationships with brands and public relations professionals, which leads to paid blogging opportunities. First of all you need to build your audience. 
This means consistently creating good, quality content and being present on the various social networks. Read these essential tips for marketers to better measure influencer campaigns to help you to gain more knowledge and tips..

When I look back through the years at how much I have grown as both an influencer and mom blogger I am more than satisfied with my achievements and quite happy that I stuck around.


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