How to Choose Window Screen Rolls for Your Home

Window screen rolls

Whether making last-minute repairs before the cold weather sets in or you are thinking about home projects for this coming spring, when it comes time to choose window screen rolls that best fit your home as well as needs, you might find yourself questioning which type of material and what kind of window screen rolls you will need to purchase to get your project looking right for you.

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It is entirely possible to improve and transform your windows on your own with the DIY approach, and all it takes is motivation and the right resources.


Most of us can immediately recognize that window screens are the solution to keeping out insects, whether the screening is on a porch or a window in your home. They allow us to open windows and enjoy beautiful weather and breezes without the nuisance of leaves, dust, and bugs.

What many of us may not know, or not fully consider is that window screens also offer you solar control well before curtains, blinds, coating or specialized windows.

Last, but never least, window screens can elevate the curb appeal of your home when it fits your windows style and outdoor design. So understand both the purpose of a screen and what you envision your needs for it will be will help you choose the right windowscreen rolls for your home.

  • ·         Aluminum screen wire rolls work both indoor and outdoor. As they are corrosion and rust-resistant, they’re an excellent choice for homes within coastal areas.
  • ·         Fiberglass patio and pool screens are a strong yet budget-friendly option, and for outdoor areas such as pools or patios, this material of window screen rolls is excellent for high traffic areas where you wish to have long-term results.
  • ·         Fiberglass screen rolls are another affordable option for rescreening your home windows,           whether you are rescreening old frames or new.
  • ·         Nano 50 screen rolls are specially formulated to be stronger and outlast even fiberglass screens, perfect for resisting a dog's jump or a child’s accidental push or a flawless choice for extremely durable screens for your business.
  • ·         No-See-Um screen rolls solve that pesky problem of dealing with the very small insects that can penetrate regular window screens.
  • ·         Pet Screen rolls are the ultimate solution to kitty’s and puppy's claws, excited jumping, or even protecting your home from gnawing wildlife, with up to 400lbs of resistance per square inch!
  • ·         Phifer UltraVue window screen rolls are for those windows that look out across stunning views as well as vistas, to give you the clearest viewing area without disruption or darkening.


Of course, one of the decisions which may go into how and what you choose for window screen rolls is the size you will need. Before you order the screen you’ve decided on, you will need to measure correctly.

The easiest means is simply measuring one of your already existing, older screens. You will need to measure the width, the height, and then if possible measure the thickness of the window screen frame to the closest 1/16th inch. Once you know the measurements for your window screen, note them down as they are required for purchasing the right fit to ensure a flat, smooth, and good looking screen.


Do you have the correct tools for DIYing your new window screen rolls before ordering? You’ve chosen the right screen for you, you’ve measured, but if you don’t have the right tools for the job you may find yourself easily frustrated and taking longer than needed when it's time for the replacement project. The number one tool you should have on hand whenever doing a screen replacement is called a Spline or Screen Roller tool. This makes replacing the spline a breeze while stretching and pulling your screen tight to lay flat without sagging.

Window screen rolls

With this knowledge, careful measurement, and the right tools for your next screen project, you should have little to no problems finding the right windowscreen rolls to refresh and revitalize your home in no time.


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