5 Eye Makeup Essentials

5 Eye Makeup Essentials

Whether you are just starting out with eye makeup or have been experimenting with cosmetics for years, it is important to have a collection of eye makeup essentials that will allow you to create everyday looks according to your own desire. After acquiring these essentials, it will be that much easier to add playful or trendy makeup products to your collection.

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The following are five eye makeup essentials to keep in your makeup kit. All of these essentials can be purchased from Ofra Cosmetics.

1. Eye shadow

Eye shadow is a favorite makeup product for many as it comes in so many different colors and finishes, and can be used in so many different ways. Eye shadow comes in singles as well as palettes. One palette is the Signature Radiant eyes. A palette that shimmers as much as it shines, Radiant Eyes adds luster to the lids. Use each shadow to create an easy day time look, or add them to any nighttime eye look to showcase those peepers.

2. Mascara

Mascara has a magical way of  pulling your eye look together, and comes in countless different formulas that lengthen, thicken, and curl your eyelashes.

3. Eye liner

Eye liner, like mascara can also add a little extra something needed to really make your eye look stand out. While black eyeliner is often considered a staple, consider giving brown or dark gray a try if you have lighter skin.

4. Eye primer

A good eye primer should prevent your makeup from sliding off, fading, and creasing. It should also be in a formulation that keeps colors looking true to how they're supposed to all day long. Keep in mind that eye primers aren't just for those with oily skin. There are many formulations on the market with moisturizing, color-correcting, and anti-aging benefits.

5. Concealer

Concealer is one of those basic makeup essentials to keep on you at all times. Choose a cream formula that can hide under-eye circles and uninvited blemishes.

Eye Makeup Essentials

What are some of your favorite eye makeup essentials?

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