8 Tips for Flying with Young Children

Tips for Flying with Young Children

Summer has started and so begins vacation time for many families. For families who travel long distance destinations by airplane it is not always a smooth ride, especially if you have young children on board.

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Our family travels by airplane internationally at least twice a year. We have two boys aged 8 and 9 as well as a two year old girl who is very active. They are well behaved however like most children they need to also burn off energy. 

Check out some of the following tips which have been helpful to us during long travels.

1. Plan ahead

Be sure to be packed and organized before heading out to the airport. 

2. Communication

Talk with your children before, during, and after the flight so that they know what is happening.

3. Dress them well

Temperatures can flucuate during flight so it is best to choose soft, roomy layers that can be easily removed and easily put back on if needed. 

4. Prepare for air pressure

This is often annoying for us adults so we can only imagine how it makes our little ones feel. Bring along some chewy candies or gum to give them during take off and just before landing.

5. Water bottle with built in straw

These are definitely an important essential. 

6. Snacks

Try to keep them as healthy as possible. Do pack a few treats as well. Treats are especially helpful when there may be unexpected delays.

7. Activities and small prizes

Only choose items you know they will use and use the space for other essentials. Pick up some small, inexpensive toys and wrap them up. When you feel your little ones getting bored hand them over a prize.

8. Know flight guidelines

Ensure that you know the flying rules and guidelines, especially when you are packing anything to carry on board. Some kids are also able to fly for free. Make sure to check out all this information with the airline you are flying on.

Tips for Flying with Young Children

What other tips do you have for flying with younger children?

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