Alternative Uses for Chalk Around Your Home

Alternative Uses for Chalk Around Your Home

Most often when you think of chalk you might be having flashbacks of your when teachers wrote lessons on a chalkboard. Of course, if you are from the newer generation of schools where lessons are written on whiteboard this wouldn't apply to you.

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Did you know that chalk is actually handy to have around the home? It's inexpensive, easy to get your hands on, and can really be helpful.

Here are ten alternative uses for chalk around your home.

1. Remove grease stains

To remove a greasy or oily stain, start by rubbing chalk on the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes. This will allow time to absorb the grease. Wipe off any loose chalk dust before tossing it in your washing machine.

2. Prevent silverware from tarnishing

Do you have a really nice shiny set of silverware that you keep only for special occasions? You may be wondering how to keep it from tarnishing. Take some pieces of chalk wrapping it in a cheesecloth and place with inside the silverware storage case. This absorbs moisture from the case to keep your silver looking shiny and new.

3. Odor Eater

The unique open-cell structure of chalk makes it an extremely absorbent material. This can go a long way toward sopping up musty odors that can linger inside things such as shoes, gym bags, and laundry hampers. Replace the chalk pieces about once a month for maximum freshness.

4. Eliminate collar stains

Stubborn ring around the collar stains can easily ruin a good shirt. The mix of sweat and oil from the skin creates an unsightly yellow color that can be difficult to get rid of. Simply rub chalk over the area. The chalk will soak up the oil that holds the dirt. Follow up with a rinse to get the stain right out.

5. DIY humidifier

Put some chalk inside a mesh bag, or either a paper bag or container with some holes. Then place in the damp areas of your home to absorb excess moisture and repel mildew. 

6. Wall touch ups

Scratches or small marks on walls can easily be covered up with chalk. This is a quick and easy way to do touch-ups without having to repaint everything. While it is really only a temporary solution, it can make for a solid quick-fix when you are in a crunch. Simply match the chalk color with the color of your wall.

7. Keep screws secure

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to screw in a screw, but it keeps slipping. Try scraping each side of the flat screwdriver with chalk to help keep the screw from slipping and sliding.

8. Freshen closets 

Closets often get musty smelling for the same reason that dirty clothes hampers do. If this is a reoccurring issue in your household, try keeping a few pieces of chalk in your closet. It will go a long way towards eliminating any of that annoying mustiness that moisture causes. The chalk will keep your closet smelling nice and fresh.

9. Keep ants away

To keep ants away, all you have to do is draw a line with chalk. The reason this works is that ants think chalk is ash and won’t cross it because it may be a sign of fire.

10. Keep rust off tools

Keep your tools safe from getting rusty by placing a couple of pieces of chalk in your toolbox. They absorb moisture and help prevent rust from forming.

Alternative Uses for Chalk Around Your Home

What other uses do you have for chalk around your home?

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