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Tips To Save Money On Entertainment

Life would be boring if all we did was sit around the home every day as a family. While there are times that we do enjoy the comfort of our home for relaxation we still need to get outside and soak up sunshine, fresh air, and socializing.

 What happens though when you and your family go on multiple trips to dine out, watch movies, shop, or other means of entertainment? The cost adds up very quickly. The good news is that there are ways to help offset some of these costs and still give you the chance to enjoy your time out. Here are some money saving ideas and tips for saving money on entertainment as a family.

1. Get up early and watch the sunrise. The night before set out an easy light breakfast style buffet. Take the food outside, spread out a blanket and enjoy eating together as the sun rises. Its also a great time to take some great photos.

2. If you do decide to go out for lunch or dinner have some appetizers at home before going out. Also, either share a dessert or skip it altogether.

3. Instead of paying money to go visit a zoo take your family to the local animal shelter. There you and your family can help care for the animals and your children will enjoy the learning experience and being able to help out. Consider a small donation of some sort. Most shelters will even take items other than food that you may have lying around the home and no longer using such as old clothing, blankets, dishes, and toys.

4. If you have cable television consider having it taken out. Too much television is not good for anyone especially children. Also, with the advancement of technology notebooks can be hooked up via HDMI and watched on your television. Most programs and movies are available to watch on the internet anyway for those moments when you do want to watch.

5. Volunteer at community events. Volunteers get in for free in return for their dedication and time put in. Most of the time the whole family can help out.

6. Visit the library for some new books to read. Be sure to check whether or not they have any upcoming events. Many libraries host community events especially for children.

7. Watch local sports events. Most of the time these are free to sit and watch. Bring along some beverages and snacks from home.

8. Go for a drive near a wooded area known for sightings of wild animals. See who can spot the animals first. Remember to bring a camera.

9. Go to a flea market or garage sale. Allow your children some spending money and set a budget for everyone.

10. Get together with family and plan a barbecue or potluck dinner event. Have some games set up for all ages.