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Help Stop the Spread of Unprotected Text

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Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!

Be honest. Have you ever used a phone with a cracked screen? If so, you've engaged in unprotected text, a very risky activity. But all is not lost. As a part of their Stop the Spread of #unprotectedtext campaign,Gazelle is giving you the opportunity to bare your soul on their Facebook page! 
In 50 words or less, share your story about how you broke your phone and why you continued to use it. Be sure to use hashtag #unprotectedtext and @Gazelle in your social post. 

When you post, you'll be automatically entered to win a Gazelle Certified pre-owned iPhone or iPad.

Now is your opportunity to help stop this epidemic from spreading!

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  1. That is funny, but I would never text with a broken screen. I would have it fixed immediately or replace the phone :)

  2. I've never broken mine (yet) and I'm knocking on wood. I've seen so many people who have and continue to use it though! I get it... there are contracts and phones are pricey!

  3. Oh, best blog post title, LOL! I don't text as much, but I'm sure other people have had that happen! Good luck to the entries!

  4. I love their campaign. Knock on wood I haven't broken a screen either. I do have my phone in a fairly rugged case. It's a knock off otter box.

  5. How fun! I already own some ipads and an iphone or I'd enter. But I think this is a great contest!

  6. I've never broken a phone. If I did, I would have the screen replaced first before using it again.

  7. Such a great contest. I have never experienced texting with a broken phone before, but I think it is quiet dangerous to do so. It is always good to replace it right away.

  8. I have heard a lot of great things about Gazelle, and this is a great (and funny!) campaign.