Homemade Finger Paint

Diy Finger Paint with Natural Ingredients

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Homemade Finger Paint

Finger painting is a great activity for young children. It has many benefits such as providing intellectual and physical development. They get to use their imagination and develop hand and eye coordination. Another plus is that it gives children and parents quality time together and good fun.

Egyptian Rice

This is a dish full of flavors and easy to make. I actually learned this dish from my hubby who is Egyptian. When I first cooked this with him and he told me that the onion should be very brown and almost burned I was so skeptical. I thought there is no way I am going to be able to eat this. I will try any food once however if I do not like the taste I will stop from continuing.
Important to note now that I used basmati rice a type of long grain rice. It is traditionally grown in Nepal, India, and Pakistan.
For the water and rice ratio, I used one and a half cups of water to each cup of rice. For this recipe I used 10 ounce cups not 8.
It is great served with chicken, meat, fish, or even by itself. This dish serves enough for both of us for two meals (4 plate fulls like the one pictured below). 

Summer Bubble Fun

Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles

One fun activity that kids enjoy during the summer is blowing bubbles. I remember when I was a little girl how much time was spent blowing and chasing these bubbles. At that time there was just a little container with a plastic wand with a hoop inside. My sister and I thought these were the best things in the shops. Of course this can get to be expensive after some time. Especially with all the new and fancy types that are on store shelves today. Then I remember my mom and how she used to refill our bottles with dish soap and water. It worked exactly the same. It brought back the memories of the fun and enjoyment shared between my sister and I during the summer months.

Uses for Baking Soda in the Home

Uses for Baking Soda

Why Do I Like to Use Baking Soda Around My Home???

*All natural 
* Simple product and so inexpensive
* Non- toxic and safe to use around my baby
*Has the cleaning power of those factory made cleaners except it does not stink
* Absorbs even the toughest of odors

Cleaning Schedule

The following is a cleaning schedule that I have worked out to best suit my needs. Having a husband, a one year old, being pregnant and living in very hot climate is proving to have an effect on my being able to keep up.
Please feel free to use this. You can make adjustments to also meet your own personal needs and desires.
These are printer friendly and will work out to two pages. Just copy and paste on word first.

Easy Cleaning Schedule for Each Day of the Week

Manic Monday –
* give floors a good sweep
* wash floors

Tinker Tuesday –
* go through all rooms and organize anything out of place

Washy Wednesday –
* scrub sink, shower/bathtub and toilet
* scrub floors making sure to clean all corners and behind the toilet
* wipe down any racks, shelves, other bathroom fixtures
* wipe down door knobs

Thirsty Thursday –
* look for spoiled food and anything no longer usable and take to garbage bin outside
* wipe down counters and cupboards
* clean and wipe down refrigerator, stove and other appliances

Freedom Friday –
*day off

Sitting Saturday –                       
* clean sofa and chairs
* wipe off tables and cabinets or shelves
* dust television

Snoozing Sunday –

* change bed sheets and place pillows and blankets outside on line to air out
* clean under the beds
* clean and straighten up the tops of dressers
* clean mirror

Once a month chores
Dedicate one Saturday per month to tackle these:

* completely clean refrigerator and stove
* clean ceiling fans
* clean windows and window sills
* clean ceiling fans
* clean drains

Daily Quick Tips:

*while cooking wash up soiled dishes and wipe up any spills as you go
  (stuck on food is much harder to remove than fresh spilled)

*wipe over bathroom surfaces
  (only takes a few minutes and will save soap scum from building up)
*do one load of laundry per day
  (better than spending one full day doing a mountain of laundry)

*sweep floors every evening
  (doing this daily cuts down on the dust and does not take much time)
*never leave a room empty handed
  (ie, dishes to kitchen, stray toys picked up, books returned to shelf)

Make a Storage Container From Trash

Easy recycling project

To make this storage container the following materials are needed.
empty jug
fabric scraps
Heated glue
 handle made with rope or ribbon (optional)

First of all cut the top off a container.
Secondly, take a piece of fabric (I used an old sock) and go around the top. This will cover any rough edges.
Thirdly, use some heated glue and glue down the fabric folding any frayed pieces under as you go. This just makes it look neater.
If you choose to add a handle, just make a hole on each side of the container and tie each end of the rope or ribbon through the holes.
You can even add some stickers on the container to brighten it up.





Soft and Chewy Cookies

Soft and Chewy Cookies

The other day I had a sudden craving for something sweet. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact. After checking my baking supplies I noticed all I had for chocolate was one block of semi-sweet with hazelnuts (works out to just 1/3 cup). At this point I am thinking I am out of luck. Then I notice the package of raisins and half package of peanuts. I really want to make cookies at this point. After all I am pregnant and have started to feel the cravings.