Cleaning Schedule

The following is a cleaning schedule that I have worked out to best suit my needs. Having a husband, a one year old, being pregnant and living in very hot climate is proving to have an effect on my being able to keep up.
Please feel free to use this. You can make adjustments to also meet your own personal needs and desires.
These are printer friendly and will work out to two pages. Just copy and paste on word first.

Easy Cleaning Schedule for Each Day of the Week

Manic Monday –
* give floors a good sweep
* wash floors

Tinker Tuesday –
* go through all rooms and organize anything out of place

Washy Wednesday –
* scrub sink, shower/bathtub and toilet
* scrub floors making sure to clean all corners and behind the toilet
* wipe down any racks, shelves, other bathroom fixtures
* wipe down door knobs

Thirsty Thursday –
* look for spoiled food and anything no longer usable and take to garbage bin outside
* wipe down counters and cupboards
* clean and wipe down refrigerator, stove and other appliances

Freedom Friday –
*day off

Sitting Saturday –                       
* clean sofa and chairs
* wipe off tables and cabinets or shelves
* dust television

Snoozing Sunday –

* change bed sheets and place pillows and blankets outside on line to air out
* clean under the beds
* clean and straighten up the tops of dressers
* clean mirror

Once a month chores
Dedicate one Saturday per month to tackle these:

* completely clean refrigerator and stove
* clean ceiling fans
* clean windows and window sills
* clean ceiling fans
* clean drains

Daily Quick Tips:

*while cooking wash up soiled dishes and wipe up any spills as you go
  (stuck on food is much harder to remove than fresh spilled)

*wipe over bathroom surfaces
  (only takes a few minutes and will save soap scum from building up)
*do one load of laundry per day
  (better than spending one full day doing a mountain of laundry)

*sweep floors every evening
  (doing this daily cuts down on the dust and does not take much time)
*never leave a room empty handed
  (ie, dishes to kitchen, stray toys picked up, books returned to shelf)

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  1. Hi Bismah. What a detailed schedule! It would be a dream if I could keep up with such a schedule. However, now that my kids are older, I can divide this schedule and have them knock out some of the chores. I need to get more organized.


    1. Hi Sharon!
      I am sure I will not be able to keep up with this all the time. I am hoping it will help. I am one of those people who want to do 20 things all at once making it more difficult to finish one thing at a time.

  2. I think I have messy boys :) I have to bleach my entire toilet and bathroom everyday, if I don't it smells since they tend to miss the toilet. Also I would love one load of laundry a day, I normally have at least two! I like that you have everything broken down by day, it's much easier when you have a clear goal of what needs to be done and then can delegate to different family members!

    1. Hi Anne!
      My bathroom is actually easier to keep clean that my kitchen. Only hubby and I am using it. I am sure once the little ones are trained and in there that will all change. With the kitchen, I tend to try and wipe up my messes as I go but if someone else gets in there look out.
      I am really hoping this schedule can help me out.