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Make a Storage Container From Trash

Easy recycling project

To make this storage container the following materials are needed.
empty jug
fabric scraps
Heated glue
 handle made with rope or ribbon (optional)

First of all cut the top off a container.
Secondly, take a piece of fabric (I used an old sock) and go around the top. This will cover any rough edges.
Thirdly, use some heated glue and glue down the fabric folding any frayed pieces under as you go. This just makes it look neater.
If you choose to add a handle, just make a hole on each side of the container and tie each end of the rope or ribbon through the holes.
You can even add some stickers on the container to brighten it up.





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  1. This would be great for a kids room or for picking up all the toys that my kids drag into my living room :)

    1. Also great for keeping other small objects as well :)

  2. Awesome. I will try today. By the way I found your blog thru bloggymoms.

  3. This is a really cute idea :)