Tips to Prevent Freezer Burn

Tips to Prevent Freezer Burn

Now more than ever with the high cost of living, just about everyone is looking for ways to save money. One of the easiest ways to save money is by decreasing food costs. While everyone needs food in order to survive this doesn't mean cutting back on food purchases. Instead it means trying to eliminate as much food waste as possible.

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One of the ways to help eliminate your food waste is by properly freezing any meat, vegetables, or those time consuming meal preps that will actually make your life easier.

Food that is not properly frozen is at risk at getting freezer burn. When this happens a layer of ice appears on the surface of the food. So you may be thinking, where did this ice comes from? The ice actually comes from the food itself. If there’s warmer air next to the food, moisture escapes and then freezes at the surface. Unfortunately, this also dries out the food itself. Though food with freezer burn may be safe to eat, it affects the quality and taste.

Here are some tips to help prevent freezer burn on your food.

1. Keep freezer set at a low temperature

Keeping your freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower will help you prevent freezer burn in the first place. It also decreases the chances of loss of moisture responsible for freezer burn.

2. Don't overfill your freezer

If your freezer is jammed packed this can prevent an even circulation of cold air, thus creating warmer pockets. Ideally, your unit should be about three-quarters full. If you have the space, freezer shelves are a great addition as it allows food a couple inches of air beneath it. 

3. Cool down before freezing

This will not only prevent evaporation, but will avoid partially thawing the foods around it. Cool your food in the fridge for a couple of hours or even overnight before placing in the freezer.

4. Invest in a vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is the ultimate solution for preventing freezer burn. The process of removing all the air around fish or meat ensures that water won't have room to evaporate in the first place.

5. Freeze food in smaller batches 

Filling the freezer with food all at once will bring up the temperature. This will result in taking much longer to get down below freezing point. Instead, put in just a few items at a time. 

6. Use freezer-safe containers

Plastic or glass containers, freezer bags, and glass jars all work great. Just be sure that the ones you choose are suitable for storing frozen food. If using freezer bags try to press out as much air as possible from the bag before freezing food.

7. Blanch green vegetables

Boil green vegetables for 30 seconds, then immediately plunge them in ice water. This helps prevent freezer burn and keeps them from turning brown in the freezer. This works for broccoli, asparagus, spinach, peas and so on.

8. Label, date, and rotate

This method will allow you to be able to use up the older food first. The longer food is frozen, the more opportunity there is for freezer burn to occur.

Tips to Prevent Freezer Burn

What tips do you have for preventing freezer burn?

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