15 Clever Uses for Ice Cubes Around the Home

Clever Uses for Ice Cubes Around the Home

Ice cubes are essential to have in your freezer if you want to add some extra chill to your drinks. But did you know that ice cubes have the potential to do even more? 

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Here are some clever uses for ice cubes around the home that go beyond the drinks.

1. Quench houseplants

Plants look so lovely when they are inside a plant hanger dangling from high places such as the ceiling. The only problem is how to water them without making too much mess. Instead of trying to pour water directly over the soil, you can place ice cubes on top of the dirt and let them melt for slow absorption into the soil. You can also do the same for pots prone to overflowing.

2. Clean narrow neck bottles

Trying to clean a bottle with a narrow neck such as a vase or coffee pot that your hand can not fit into can be a very discouraging task. This can be easily avoided by simply putting some ice and ¼ cup of salt inside. Shake the vase vigorously to remove all stains and dirt, leaving it sparkling clean.

3. Erase carpet dents

Everyone rearranges their furniture from time to time. After finishing to your liking  you’re often left with a bunch of ugly carpet dents where the furniture legs formerly rested. To easily and quickly remove those imprints, place an ice cube in each dent and let it melt. Then, use your fingers or a soft brush to fluff up the carpeting. Allow the surfaces to dry and dents will be gone, voila!

4. Clean a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are an asset to any home. However, when there has been a lot of cooking waste dumped down your disposal, it can emit some foul-smelling odors. Ice can be your ally. Simply use about 1-cup of ice and coarse rock salt to clean the blades of your garbage disposal, followed by lemon wedges. Follow up with boiling water for a final rinse. Repeat the ice and salt step again if needed. The hard ice and the coarse salt help to remove and pull off stuck on grease and food debris, and the acids in the lemon wedges break apart oils and disengage food from the blades. The end result is a clean garbage disposal. 

5. Simplify caulking

Sticky caulk can be so terrible. Specialized tools do help, however an ice cube works great when it comes to the final smoothing of a gunky bead. Simply put the ice along the seam. Ice is both hard and smooth and will make a nice edge, and the caulk won’t stick to it.

6. Remove chewing gum

Did your child manage to somehow get gum in his or her hair or clothes? Place the item of clothing in the sink and cover it in ice cubes. Once it is frozen scratch the gum away with a knife. This also works with gum that has fallen on a rug or carpet. Place an ice cube on the gum and scrape it away as soon as it's frozen.

7. Remove fabric stains

Most people know that immediately after spilling something on clothing you should dab cold water on the stain. Ice cubes, however, are even better at preventing a stain from setting. As soon as you notice a splatter, hold an ice cube on the spot for several seconds, then dab with a clean napkin or cloth. Repeat as needed. 

8. Get rid of wrinkles on clothing

Wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth and rub on your wrinkled shirt or other article of clothing, then iron your shirt. This will instantly help you get rid of your problem. You will end up with a wrinkle-free shirt in an instance.

9. Remove fat from soups and stews

Want to quickly get as much fat as possible out of your homemade soup, stew, or gravy? Fill a metal ladle with ice cubes and skim the bottom of the ladle over the top of the liquid in the soup pot. Fat will collect on the ladle.

10. Make creamy salad dressing

Place an ice cube in a jar with your homemade dressing and shake it briskly. Then simply remove the ice cube and serve.

11. Prevent curdles

Sauces made with egg yolks can curdle easily. As soon as you notice the clumps starting, drop in an ice cube to reverse the effects.

12. Reheat rice

Does your leftover rice dry out when you reheat it in the microwave? Try placing an ice cube on top of the rice when you put it in the microwave. The ice cube will melt as the rice reheats, giving the rice much-needed moisture.

13. Disguise the taste of medicine

No matter what flavour your local pharmacist offers in children’s medicine, your children will still turn up their noses at the taste. Have them suck on an ice cube before taking the medicine. This numbs the taste buds and allows the medicine to go down, without the spoonful of sugar.

14. DIY air conditioner

For a less complicated version, just stick a bowl of ice in front of a fan so the ice cools the air as it blows toward you. Great trick for hot summer nights without air conditioning.

15. Chill your pet's water

Pets enjoy ice when it’s hot, too. Place a few cubes in their water dishes to help keep their water cool.
Clever Uses for Ice Cubes Around the Home

What clever uses for ice cubes do you have for around the home?

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