7 Steps to Get Healthy and Lose Weight


New years is a time of new beginnings. It's a great time for a fresh start, getting motivated, and achieving success. For many people this includes the start of new year's resolutions.

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A new year's resolution is a common practice in which a person wishes to do something or change something to accomplish a personal goal or improve their life. Out of all the different resolutions that people keep, weight loss seems to be the most common one.

We have put together 7 steps you can take to get healthy and loss weight. 

1. Set realistic goals

To start with your healthy living and weight loss plan, you first need to set realistic goals. Aim for goals which can actually be achieved.

2. Create a list of food items that you want to give up

Choose items that are currently hindering your weight loss success. For example, giving up soda, potato chips, sweets, and take out. 

3. Set a routine

After you have set your goals and eliminated the unnecessary food items from your diet, you need to plan a daily routine. Set it according to your own preferences, so that it becomes easier to follow. Use smart thinking when planning a routine as this is a very important step to stick to your health and weight loss resolution.

4. Exercise every day 

You should exercise every day no matter what your goals are. Physical activities are not only beneficial for those on a weight loss journey. They are also good for everyone as they help in maintaining overall health and wellness.

5. Prepare your own meals 

Depending on which type of diet you have decided to follow, you will need special food items for your meals. Cooking your own meals will ensure that they are prepared correctly without any cheating. 

6. Get help from family and friends 

Most  of the time you will find a family member or friend who is also looking to lose weight. Just go and find the right person, then, help each other in achieving the goals. For example, prepare meals together, or do physical fitness activities together. This way you both can keep a check on each other’s activities. 

7. Use health and wellness programs 

You may be spending a great amount of time on phones, as do so many others, so why not use it to achieve your weight loss goals? It is a simple way to track your everyday growth as well as your daily activities.

One program that can help you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals is Noom. Noom instills habits that lead to long-lasting results. It isn’t a short term solution. What the program aims to do is to create a totally unique plan that fits your lifestyle perfectly. No two plans are created the same, which ensures that it’s completely tailored to you.

You start out by completing a questionnaire that asks you about everything including how often you eat in a day, how regular your eating and exercise habits are and countless other questions that are designed to make your plan as personalized as possible. 

After you complete the survey, Noom will generate a plan that’s specifically for you and you alone and will also provide you with an approximate date of when you can expect to reach your ultimate goal should you follow the plan consistently. You can give your Noom plan a try at a discounted rate for two weeks, and continue it after the trial period if you totally fall in love with it.

Thinking about giving Noom a try? Noom is a simple and easy program to use and can help you along side our 7 steps to get healthy and lose weight. 

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