10 Benefits of Line Drying Clothes

 Benefits of Line Drying Clothes

Line drying clothes has been a traditional way to dry clothes which was easily possible in ancient times when there were no machines to do the task. Nowadays there are dryers that do the drying within a few minutes, but at the cost of missing out the benefits of line drying.

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Though line drying is a traditional method, it has several benefits over machine drying or any other indoor drying method. The following are 10 benefits of line drying your clothes.

1. Saves money

Electric dryers are often among the top energy-uses in a home, followed by refrigerators, lighting and water heaters? Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you can also save on laundry products. The sun is a natural whitener, so no need to buy any bleach. Static cling is created by clothing rubbing together, but if your clothing is hung out to dry it is not necessary to buy any dryer sheets.

2. Gentle on clothes

Clothes dryers can cause wear and strain on clothing when it’s tossed and tumbled in high heat. Or if it’s exposed to the heat for extended periods of time. Line drying is, obviously, more gentle since there is no tossing or tumbling of clothes. It’s just the heat from the sun and the natural breeze.

3. Fresh scent

The  fresh air really does wonders for reducing any odors it may have. The same is true for all of your clothing.

4. Brightens, removes stains, and disinfects

The sun acts as a natural whitener, bleaching agent, and sanitizer which can help eliminate tough stains and even old stains. 

5. Good chore for children

Hanging clothes on the line or drying rack is a simple chore for young children. Once clothes have been dried they can collect them and help with folding and putting away.

6. Prevents shrinking

Whenever you dry your clothes in a dryer there is always the fear that you will end up with clothes shrinkage. Line drying eliminates is the most gentle method and helps prevent shrinkage. For loosely woven fabrics or knits, drying the garment on a flat surface will also prevent stretching. 

7. Cuts down on the amount of dirty laundy

Drying clothes on the line takes more time than if you just ran them through a cycle in the dryer. During this time you will become more aware of how often you are actually washing articles of clothing and whether or not they even needed to be washed in the first place.

8. Helps prevent wrinkles

This is a bonus for anyone who doesn't like to iron clothes. Line drying reduces wrinkles naturally and can even eliminate them, especially if there is a strong breeze of wind.

9. Increases winter humidity

The colder temperatures and dry air of winter typically drops humidity level inside your home. Lower humidity can contribute to dry nasal passages which are inviting to cold and flu viruses. Using an indoor dryer rack to dry clothes can add humidity to the air in your home during the dry winter weather.

10. Gets you outside

Getting outside to hang your clothes means a little time in the sun and fresh breeze. It also gives you exercise as you are constantly moving your arms up and down and taking steps. It is a great time to also take your children outside to play while you are hanging out clothes. 

 Benefits of Line Drying Clothes

Are you aware of the benefits of line drying clothes?

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  1. I love line drying my clothes, especially my sheets..they are dry in less than 10 minutes in the summer here in Arizona!