How to Make Jeans Last Longer

How to Make Jeans Last Longer

Jeans are an article of clothing worn by most people and are available in all sizes from infants and children to women and mens. There are so many styles and varieties available to suit everyone's own taste. The more popular choices include any style from straight legs to skinnies, wide legged and boot cuts.

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Jeans can cost anywhere from just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Whatever the price, there are simple care tips for getting your jeans to last longer.

1. Wear more than once before washing

Washing jeans too often can cause colors to fade. If after you wear them they are still clean, simply hang them back up for the next time you wear them.

2. Spot clean

Using a damp cloth and mild soap to blot any spots or stains. By doing this you will be be reducing the frequency of exposing your jeans to harsh conditions.

3. Don't use laundry detergent the first time you wash them

Jeans release the largest amount of dye when you wash them for the first time. Use vinegar instead of laundry detergent. Vinegar helps to set the dye and prevent it from trasferring onto your skin and other clothing. 

4. Wash them by hand

If you are able to spare a few minutes you can handwash your jeans. You just need to fill a wash bucket or a sink with cold water and add just a small amount of detergent. If using liquid laundry detergent use no more than a few drops of liquid. For powder laundry detergent use no more that half a teaspoon. Simply turn your jeans inside out and place them in the water and let soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse in cold water and then hang dry.


5. Wash in cold water

Cold water will help to avoid shrinking and keep the color in longer. Warm or hot water can cause denim to shrink and fade over time.

6. Use the right detergent

Use a laundry detergent that is designed to be used on colored clothing. There are many detergents full of chemicals called optical brighterners which make whites whiter however, can cause colors to fade more quickly.

7. Do not use bleach

Avoid using any products that contain bleach such as liquid bleach, clorox powder, or the clorox bleach pen. Bleach can do serious damage to the color as well as the yarn used to put the jeans together. 

8. Remove from the washing machine as soon as it finishes

If you do have to wash your jeans in the washing machine be sure to remove them as soon as the wash cycle ends. Getting them out right away can help prevent faded wrinkles from appearing on the surface of the fabric.

9. Air dry

Hanging out your jeans to dry is the best way to keep them lasting longer. Either hang them inside out of the sunlight to help preserve the color. If you would rather air dry them outside in the fresh air find an area away from the sun and leave the jeans turned inside out. If they become stiff, simply loosen them up by rubbing with your hands.

10. Store them properly

The best way to store your jeans is to hang them up by their loops. This allows them to keep their shape and will even keep them well aired out.

How to Make Jeans Last Longer

What do you do to make your jeans last longer?

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