10 Resolutions Your Whole Family Can Start Right Now

Resolutions Your Whole Family Can Start Right Now

With the new year fast approaching most people may not be thinking about making resolutions as of yet. It seems as though resolutions are more the spur of the moment promise made only on the first day of a new year. It seems as though people choose to wait until the new year begins before starting new projects or setting new goals since a new calendar year implies starting over with a clean slate.

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But why wait until a certain date to make improvements to your life? You can set goals each and. You don’t need a calendar to tell you when you can make resolutions.

Right now is as good a time as any to start something new and exciting, and you are more than capable of transforming your life today.

1. Start a morning ritual

Morning is the first time of the day where everyone meets up before heading off to school or work. Sit down together for at least 15 minutes and talk about the day ahead. Use this as an opportunity to give reminders and send positive vibes setting up 

2. Quit buying juices and soda for the home

Instead make your own juices from fresh fruits and reserve sodas for an occassional treat or stop drinking them altogether. Increase water intake by making water easily accessible throughout the day and serve with every meal and snack.

3. Walk daily outside

Get outside every day if possible to enjoy the fresh air and surrounding nature. If you cannot get outside because of weather or another reason then try some fun physical activities such as hide and seek, indoor bowling, or throwing and catching a ball.

4. Serve meals together

Get everyone involved during mealtimes. There is enough tasks for all family members to be involved. The table needs to be set, water and condiments have to be placed, food platters brought out, clearing the table after the meal has finished. 

5. Have a game night

Once a week, get everyone together and pick out a board game that whole family can take part in. There are tons of board games suitable for sevel different age groups. For children who are two young team them up with older siblings or a parent. 

6. Volunteer

There are so many worthy organizations you can help out with. Depending on what your community has you can get involved in helping an animal shelter, food bank, elder's home, hospital, or homeless shelter.

7. Start a new hobby

There are several hobbies out there in which the whole family can take part in. Completing a project together as a family is a great way to learn new skills, become more patient, and increase self-confidence. 

8. Do something nice for your neighbors

Do you know your neighbors? If not get to know them. Drop by with a plate of baked treats, offer to help when they are mowing the lawn, or simply invite them over for a coffee or meal. A little kindness goes a long way.

9. Read 

Feed your brain and stimulate your mind with knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Find books that interests you and then dedicate time daily to read. Set aside 30 minutes before your chidren's bedtime for reading together as a family. 

10. Be more polite

Make it a point to practice good manners, kindness, and show respect to others. It could mean a simple smile, holding the door open, letting someone go ahead of you at the checkout line, or helping someone in a difficult situation.

Resolutions Your Whole Family Can Start Right Now

Which resolutions would you like to start with your family right now?

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