20 Alternative Uses for Dental Floss

Alternative Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is basically a strong, lightweight wax-covered string used for cleaning gums and removing plaque from the spaces between your teeth. It an item that most people have on hand. 

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Dental floss comes in small compact and lightweight containers that are easy to carry in your pocket or handbag. Due to its strength it is quite useful to have on hand and can serve many other purposes other than cleaning your teeth and gums.

The following are a list of items in which you can use floss as an alternative.

1. Hang photos and home decor

Use it in place of string or wire to securely hand your photos or home decor such as lanterns and wind chimes.

2. Separate stuck photos

If pages in your scrapbook are sealed together, don't try to force the album open. Slip floss between the photos and gently move the floss back and forth to separate the photos without damage.

3. Quiet a dripping faucet

This little trick might mean the different between you and a good night’s sleep. If your faucet is leaking and it's too late at night to call a plumber, use floss to seal it around the threaded cap to let the water slowly trail down the drain. But remember to call the plumber early the next morning.

4. Dry clothes

Run out of space to air dry your clothes? A piece of dental floss can act as a clothing line in a pinch. Tie it around two stable objects like a shower head or curtain rod and hang your soggy clothes. The floss will be strong enough to hold wet garments.

5. Clean furniture and other tight spaces

Use floss to get the dirt out from in between the grooves of furniture, keyboards and any other tight spaces where dirt needs to be removed.

6. Separate cookies

If you want to serve cookies while they are still warm then try sliding some floss under the cookies to transfer them from the baking pan and onto a serving plate.

7. Slice soft food

No knife on hand? No worries. Use some floss instead. Floss can neatly cut through many soft foods such as cake, soft cheese, hard boiled eggs, fruits and more.

8. Kitchen twine substitute

Unwaxed dental floss can be used in place of twine for holding together stuffed chicken, turkey, or roasts.

9. Food ties

Run out of food ties? Use some floss to secure your bagged food. Simply wrap floss around the bag a few times then tightly tie into a knot.

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10. Sew a button

Floss is much stronger than ordinary thread, which makes it perfect for reattaching buttons on coats, jackets, pants, and heavy shirts.

11. Jewelry making

The strength of floss makes it a good tool for making homemade bracelets and necklaces.  You can also use it to restring broken jewelry.

12. Remove rings

If your finger becomes swollen and you cannot remove your ring wrap floss from the ring up to your fingertip. The wrapping will help slide the ring off without cutting off the circulation in your finger.

13. Repair eyeglasses

If you lose one of your screws just thread a small piece of floss through the holes and tie it off.

14. Temporary shoelace

Shoelace suddenly tore? You can measure out floss to use as a substitute until you are able to replace it.

15. Hair tie

Hair elastic broken? For a quick and simple fix cut a piece of floss long enough to tie your hair back.

16. Party decor

Use floss to hang banners, garlands, and balloons.

17. Get creative with your children

Use floss to string popcorn to a fun touch to any party. Give your children some floss along with some beads, macaroni, sequins, and other small items that can be strung onto the floss for a creative craft.

18. Support climbing plants

Plants such as tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers require support that will allow them to grow abundantly. Simply make a trellis by tying some floss in the pattern of a ladder. You can also do this with roses and any other flowers and plants that are in need.

19. Go fish

Run out of fishing line? String a piece of floss through your fishing rod in place of fishing line.

20. Secure baggage

Using a piece of floss, tie the zippers on your bags together. Perfect for traveling to ensure that the zippers on bags stay closed.

Alternative Uses for Dental Floss

Do you have alternative uses for dental floss?

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  1. I LOVE these tips, in fact I use the fixing a leaking faucet one myself, thought I was the only one! Haha, thanks for sharing.