Animoto's Marketing Video Builder

Animoto's Marketing Video Builder

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Animoto offers a Professional plan for businesses? With the subscription, business owners will have all of the tools to help them stand out by turning photos and video clips into shareworthy marketing videos and slideshow videos.

Video marketing is one of the skill sets that has become essential in today’s environment. One of the great points about Animoto is that there is no level of experience required in order to create professional quality videos. Animoto’s Marketing Video Builder has everything you need to help you and your business standout.

To register for a free trial account, you can use either a valid email address or your Facebook profile. Once you have created an account, you will see a blue create button in the upper right corner to begin. When you click on the CREATE button, you will be requested to choose which video builder you want to use. This is because Animoto has two different video builders.

The first video builder is Slideshow Video Builder. It allows you to create a slideshow video with one of over 100 video styles. There is an option to add licensed music, captions, text slides, photos, and video clips.

The second video builder is the Marketing Video Builder. The Marketing Video Builder allows you to also use licensed music, text, photos, and video clips. With this video builder you can also ass voiceover, collages, text over video, text customization, plus color, font, and layout. There are also storyboards which are intended to perform well on social media, helping you to tell your story, effectively.

When you have selected the video you want to use, you can choose the video style you want from the Animoto catalog that has over 100 video styles. You can now add licensed video clips, photos or even text to build your video. When you are done creating the video, click the preview video button in the Slideshow Video Builder or the preview button in the Marketing Video Builder to review it.

This helps you see how the video looks so as to make any changes prior to having your video created. To edit the video, close the preview window to go back to editing your work.
When you have made all the changes and the video looks exactly how you want it to look, click on the PRODUCE button. 
When you click on the button, your video will be created in about a minute. In the event you accidentally or knowingly click away, Animoto will send you an email to let you know when it’s finished.
Once you have finished creating your video, Animoto gives you many options to share it. You can choose to share your video on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and more. This will help you keep your followers entertained and updated on your products or services.
Right now, Animoto is excited to announce they have extended the 15% off Annual plans offer through the end of the year! Just use code YEAR15 at checkout.

Have you ever created a created a video slideshow for your business?

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