How to Host a Holiday Party with Supplies from Dollar Tree

Shop Supplies from Dollar Tree and Host a Great Holiday Party

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Dollar Tree Holiday

The holidays are a great opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Most often families, friends, or neighbors will spend time together at a Christmas party. This of course requires a host to take care of the planning and preparations. 

Hosting a party can often come with unwanted stress, high costs of supplies and decor, and huge time consumption. It takes much time and energy to create an atmosphere that will bring comfort and joy to all your guests.

To help eliminate some of these issues it is important to plan for and keep a budget as well as keep it as simple and clutter free as possible. Dollar Tree has everything you will need to plan a great holiday party on a budget. Everything from decor to dinnerware only cost a dollar.

Here are a few of my favorite Dollar Tree products to use for hosting a holiday party.

1. Table-Top Artificial Christmas Trees, 18 inchKeep a Christmas tree in every room of the house! These 18-in. artificial trees have 35 fold-out tips and are the perfect size to stand upon a table or counter and are ready to decorate. Simply put the stand together, fluff out the branches, and add your favorite ornaments and lights. The trees come packaged individually and the size also makes them perfect for bedrooms, apartments, stores, churches, offices, and lofts.


2. Christmas House Shiny, Matte, and Glittered 40mm. Ball Ornaments, 15-ct. PacksClassic round ornaments give your holidays some sparkle and shine! Designed to catch and reflect the light, they’re the perfect addition to all your holiday decorating — trees, wreaths, garlands, mantels, centerpieces, and more.
Ball Ornaments

3. Christmas House Glittery Gift OrnamentsAdorable sparkling gift-box ornaments make the perfect addition to your holiday décor! Large 2.5-in. ornaments are covered in sparkling glitter, and topped with a red ribbon. Perfect accent for trees, wreaths, garland, centerpieces, and more.
Christmas House Glittery Gift Ornaments

4. Plastic Printed Christmas Serving BowlsAdd a little holiday flair to your snacks this winter! These large serving bowls are perfect for serving up chips, pretzels, dip, snack mixes, and more at your next holiday gathering.
Plastic Printed Christmas Serving Bowls

5. 5-Stem Christmas House Glittered Poinsettia Bushes, 13 inAdd some extra sparkle to holiday décor! Plastic poinsettias with glittered leaf and bud accents are a spectacular addition to centerpieces, wreaths, trees, mantels, and arrangements, plus they have flexible wired stems for easy bending and shaping.
Glittered Poinsettia Bushes, 13 in

6. Holly Berry Clear Glass CoolersIn need of an affordable, elegant set of holiday dinnerware? Start with these lovely 16-oz. clear glass coolers adorned with festive holly leaves and berries. Each cooler is sturdy enough for holiday meals at home, caterers, and restaurants. They also pair perfectly with the rest of our holly berry holiday dinnerware.

Holly Berry Clear Glass Coolers

7. Holly Berry White Stoneware Dinner Plates, 10.5 inIn need of an affordable, elegant set of holiday dinnerware? Start with these lovely 10.5-in. white dinner plates adorned with festive holly leaves and berries around the outer edge as well as in the center. Each plate is made of durable stoneware, making them perfect not only for holiday meals at home, but also for caterers, and restaurants.

Holly Berry White Stoneware Dinner Plates, 10.5 in

8. Holly Berry White Stoneware Mugs, 12 ozIn need of an affordable, elegant set of holiday dinnerware? Start with these lovely 12-oz. white mugs adorned with festive holly leaves and berries around the upper edge. Each mug is made of durable stoneware, making them perfect not only for holiday meals at home, but also for caterers, and restaurants.

Holly Berry White Stoneware Mugs, 12 oz

9. Christmas House Red Paper Napkins with Snowflakes, 13 in., 20-ct. PacksTwo-ply paper napkins with an adorable snowflake design will add holiday cheer to your celebration! Plus, they’re the perfect companion to meals and hors d’oeuvres. They are also easy to mix and match with our other solid-color party tableware.

Holiday Napkins

10. Plastic Solar-Powered Fluttering Holiday ScenesAdd some fun to your desks and windowsills with these solar-powered holiday scenes. When exposed to sunlight, these adorable winter scenes come to life with fluttering animals. A playful accent to any room, they're perfect for resale at toy and novelty stores, gift shops, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Plastic Solar-Powered Fluttering Holiday Scenes

Have you ever hosted a party using Dollar Tree Holiday supplies?

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