Involving Young Children in Household Chores

Involving Young Children in Household Chores

Once a toddler begins to move around the home they become curious about what is going on around them. They now feel more independent and want to start doing things for themselves. There is no reason why we should limit them to only learning to take care of their own personal needs. This is a great time to also begin teaching them how to help around the home.

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The key to starting children out with chores is to over lots of encouragement and praise no matter what the result of their given chore. Remember they are still young and only learning. Create a cleaning routine which includes tasks for your young children. This will help keep your home tidy and organized and at the same time allow you to instill values such as responsibility, self-esteem, and respect at an early age.

In our home we have two boys, one a toddler and the other of preschool age. The following are chores that both our boys have been able to handle since our youngest was just one year and a half. 

1. Dust. Just a plain dusting cloth is all is needed. A sock worn over their hand will also work. 

2. Sweep floor. Do not make pressure over them about getting every bit of dirt. Let them know they are doing an awesome job even if the floor doesn't look clean after they have finished. 

3. Help with meal preparation. Rinsing fruits or vegetables, pouring and mixing ingredients, or putting toppings on pizza under supervision.

4. Help set or clear the table. Let them carry small unbreakable items such as plastic cups, utensils, and napkins.

5. Clean dishes. If hand washing dishes have your child stand on a chair next to you and have him/her rinse the dishes that you are washing. If using a dish washer your child can help fill it or empty it.

6. Take small trash bag from kitchen waste basket to the main door for an adult to take outside.

7. Fold laundry. Give them easy items to fold such as facecloths, hand towels, and socks. Young children enjoy matching up socks. 

8. Wipe spills from the floor. Liquids such as water and milk get spilled on the floor so easily when little ones are around. Just hand them a cloth and let them wipe up as much as they can. Check after they have finished for any remaining liquid so as nobody has a slip and fall.

9. Put toys away. You may have to make this a little fun as children usually do not like this chore. Try not to stress too much about having to put all toys away at once. Allow them to keep a few toys and put the rest away.

10. Clean litter from yard. Have them wear gloves and help to collect garbage or dry leaves.
What ways are you involving children in household chores?

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