10 Ways to Save on Disposable Diapers

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Ways to Save on Disposable Diapers
When it comes to disposable diapers parents may feel that they are throwing their money down the drain. It is no surprise that diapers can be very expensive over time. As baby grows so do the cost. So what can parents do to help off set some of the expenses.

1. Consider cloth diapering. Today there is a wide variety of cloth diapers to choose from as opposed to those from years ago. All in one cloth diapers are the simplest of cloth diapers to use. They are shaped just like a disposable and attach with snaps or velcro. There is no need to stuff, fold, or pin. Simply put the diaper on the child and you are ready to go. Fitted diapers require no folding compared to a prefold, and are less expensive than an all in one. Fitted diapers usually make an excellent nighttime diaper solution and are easy to fasten since they don’t require a diaper fastener. Keep in mind that fitted diapers are not waterproof, so you will still to purchase diaper covers. Prefold cloth diapers have been the trusted standard in cloth diapering for nearly 100 years and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Prefolds with diaper covers make the most economical diapering system available. Even if you decide to cloth diaper part time you will save money. Just ensure not too over spend on cloth diapers. Some moms build up very large cloth diaper stashes causing them to spend more money than they need to.
2. Give store brands a chance. They are almost always just as effective as the premium brand names. If you need extra absorbency during the night you can one package of the premium brand diapers and keep only for night time use.
3. Use coupons at the right time. The best time to use coupons is in addition to sales.
4. Scoop out diaper sales. Most weeks you will find diapers on sale somewhere. It is just a matter of checking out the local stores.
5. Buy online at Amazon. Amazon is usually very consistent and competitive with their diaper prices. Amazon Mom is a membership available for moms which offers 20% off diapers. Free shipping is also an option on many diaper varieties for both members and non-members.

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6. Stock up. When you are able to find a really good deal on diapers and are able to purchase extra then do so. Just be careful not to buy too much of one size as your baby may outgrow the diapers before getting to use them all.
7. Look for discontinued packs. Often times retailers will highly discount discontinued items to make room for new merchandise.
8. Be wary of bulk packaging. Just because a cardboard box holds more diapers than that of a packaged bag does not mean it is a better price. Calculate the cost for each diaper from both packaging types. Often times the boxes cost more because of the higher cost of packaging and also higher shipping costs.
9. Prior to or after baby has been delivered throw a baby diaper shower. Let guests know that you would prefer to receive either diapers, gift cards, or cash. They may even appreciate this since giving diapers as a gift is not at all expensive, especially if they bring store brand diapers.
10. Contact companies and inquire if they require testers for new products. You may have to fill out a survey or review of the product afterwards which should only take a few minutes to complete.

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  1. very useful tips, thank you for sharing!

  2. I am really not sure if I would use disposable or cloth diapers. Maybe a good thing that I do not have to worry about it anymore :)

  3. I use Amazon Mom diaper subscription it's cost effective and convenient, but glad my boys are now just wearing diapers at night now.