Tips for Healthy Family Eating

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Tips for Healthy Family Eating

Eating healthy together as a family does not have to be complicated nor seem like a chore. If you work together as a family in meal planning and preparation you will be amazed by how much everyone will enjoy eating delicious nutritious meals.
Children as well as adults need to consume healthy foods that contain essential nutrients,vitamins, and minerals in order to function well daily.
Healthy eating seems to be less of a priority nowadays among may families. Of course it is so much easier to shop for processed foods or stop by to grab takeout on the way home from work. Healthy eating can also be simple and does not have to take up a whole lot of time. Follow some of these tips to help instill healthy eating in your family.
1. Eat together. Eating together helps strengthen the family bond as well as encourage communication and reaching out to one another. It is a great time to catch up on everyone’s life and reflect. Do up the dining table nicely and include items to make it seem more fun and enjoyable. Have a centerpiece or include some flowers, candles, or cloth napkins.
2. Offer variety. When shopping pick out a select number of fruits and vegetables that you know your family enjoys eating. Look for whats on sale during that week to help with budgeting. Then the following week change it up a little to make it less boring.
3. Do not go hungry. Never allow yourself to be hungry for a long period of time unless you are fasting intentionally. People who sit down to eat after being hungry for a certain period of time tend to overeat usually with unhealthy foods.
4. If you don’t want anyone to eat unhealthy foods then don’t purchase any when shopping. If it is not put in front of anyone they will not be able to eat it.
5. Don’t serve meat with every meal. Our bodies simply do not need to consume meat every day in order to survive. Instead opt for fish or vegetable only dishes a few days a week.
6. Do serve vegetables with every meal. You can serve them in a variety of ways such as broiled, steamed, and raw.
7. Enjoy the occasional sweet dessert. Bake a chocolate cake or whip up a batch of brownies or cookies.
8. Be physically active together as a family. Take part together in exercises and/or sports. Encourage your children to try out new sports and join school teams and community events.
9. Limit screen time. Sitting in front of the screen not only cuts out physical activity. There is also a greater chance of picking up unhealthy eating habits and snacking.
10. Praise your children. Children love being praised. Encourage them to make healthy snack choices during the day. Also teach your children why it is important to eat healthy.

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