Uses for Safety Pins

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Uses for Safety Pins

Safety pins have been around for many years and can be found in most homes. They are commonly used for joining pieces of fabric together. There is also another type which has a special clasp and are used to hold together cloth diapers.
The safety pin does have other uses that have been proven to come in handy both inside and outside the home. Keep some on hand in the home and be sure to stash a few in your purse. They can be a lifesaver.
1. Make keys secure during physical activities. Attach a safety pin to your key ring and pin your keys inside your pocket.
2. Fix a broken zipper. If the tab on a zipper breaks off you can easily solve the problem by attaching a safety pin.
3. Thread a drawstring. Attach a safety pin to one of the ends of the drawstring and feed it through the waist.
4. Organize spare buttons. Sort out the buttons according to color, size, or style and then threadthe buttons to the pins.
5. Keep covers in place on sofa arms. Simply fasten them down with a safety pin to keep them from sliding.
6. Clean a salt shaker. Salt has a tendency to buildup around the holes making it difficult to get it out just by shaking.
7. Clean a garlic press. Garlic presses are so easily filled with bits of garlic which can be very difficult to remove simply by cleaning. The sharpness and size of the pin allows it to easily fit through the holes and free up any bits of food.
8. Prevent light from sneaking in between the curtains. Pin the curtains together and find yourself in the dark once again.
9. Add a  little extra security to your purse. Just loop a safety pin around the bag’s zipper and then pin it to the strap or some of the bag’s fabric.
10. clothes pins. If you find yourself short of cloth pins safety pins will do the trick. Pin matchingpairs of socks together on the line to make for easy folding afterward.

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  1. I love safety pins, for all the reasons listed above! I'm constantly running around going 'where is a safety pin'!?!!?! I need to stock up on some more....