How To Save On Maternity Clothes

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If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy you will be expecting an increase in body weight as well as a change in your body’s shape. Remain calm and know that you don’t have to spend a whole amount of money on maternity clothes. You may even be as fortunate as I was and only spend money on a few nursing bras and a package of reusable cloth nursing pads.
With me being a stay at home mom who doesn’t leave the home often, of course that will help keep me from needing to spend money on new maternity outfits. However, even moms working outside the home do not need to change out an entire wardrobe for new clothes that will only remain temporarily.
1. Check the clothes you already have. Look for clothing that is loose fitting or stretchy such as oversized shirts, elastic waist pants and maxi dresses. These will be handy for the first few months or even longer.
2. Ask around. Sometimes people have things laying around their home unsure what to do with it. If you know someone who recently had a baby do not be afraid to inquire about any maternity clothes they may have some on hand.
3. Shop thrift stores and consignment shops. These shops often have a nice assortment of gently used  maternity clothes. You may have to stop by often to check as these items usually sell out quickly.
4. Check out end of season department store sales. Loose fitting shirts, pants or skirts with elastic, and dresses can all be found at very cheap prices.
5. Check out sales online. This can be essential if you are in need of a few outfits for work. Just be careful where you browse. Try and stay clear from shops that specialize in maternity and instead opt for larger discount sites such as Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon.
6. Wear pajamas. If you are spending much time inside the home then why not dress comfortable. Just be sure to change your pajamas regularly to maintain good hygiene and as not to bore your husband.
7. Purchase a bellaband. Bellabands are a piece of stretchy cotton fabric which are placed around the waist to cover any gap between your top and pants. You can leave your pants unfastened for a better fit and allowing you to extend the wear of your normal clothes during pregnancy.
8. Buy larger sized briefs instead of specially made maternity briefs which can be quite pricey. Choose full fitting briefs as these will be more loose and comfortable.
9. Your breasts could begin to enlarge soon after you become pregnant causing your regular bras to become small. Instead of purchasing larger size bras invest in a few bra extenders. It is really difficult to determine what size nursing bras you should buy until you get closer to delivery these extenders can save a bundle.
10. Purchase a package of reusable cloth nursing pads. Some women will begin to produce milk during pregnancy and having absorbent coverage is necessary. Disposable nursing pads will become quite costly overtime so you may want to look at some washable ones.
What tips do you have for saving money on maternity clothes?

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