10 Natural Methods To Relieve Morning Sickness

Natural Methods To Relieve Morning Sickness

First of all let us establish that it is important to let your doctor know of any sickness during your pregnancy.

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Morning sickness is one nuisance that affects many women during pregnancy. Morning sickness may include nausea, vomiting or both. It most often occurs in the first trimester and ends before the second trimester, although there are a small percentage of women who will experience it throughout their entire pregnancy.

The following are ten simple and all natural ways to help relieve morning sickness.

1. Rise and shine slowly

Getting up too quickly even if it just to sit may make you dizzy and therefore increase the chance of getting nauseated. You are pregnant...RELAX!!!

2. Crackers 

Keep crackers or biscuits near your bed during the night. Plain and/or low sodium are best. If you wake up during the night eat one or two to keep your stomach busy digesting. Also snack on one after waking in the morning. It seems as though women with empty stomachs will experience more queasiness than women who have had something to eat.

3. Drink plenty of water

This is recommended for any person so it should be of utter importance during pregnancy. If it is difficult to get down extra water, eating fruits and vegetables with high water
content will help significantly. Some include apples, oranges, melons, grapes, lettuce and tomatoes. Adding some lemon to water will also help.

4. Consume smaller meals

Eat small meals every two to three hours instead of large meals. This will help prevent the feeling of bloating.

5. Limit fried, greasy foods

Limit the intake of fried and greasy foods. Try to eat light. Less chance of feeling gassy afterward.

6. Snack on nuts

Nuts are high in protein and can help ease nausea. 

7. Try not to drink fluids during meals

Instead wait until after finishing food and in between meals.

8. Snack on sunflower seeds

They are very easy to digest and also have the added benefit of being packed full of folic acid.  They are easy to fit in your pocket or purse.

9. Drink fennel

Place one tablespoon of fennel seeds into a cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 8 to 10 minutes. Then sip in small amounts. Fennel seeds contain anesthetic properties which may help to reduce queasiness. 

10. Lemon extract

This last one was a bother for me during my first pregnancy.  Anything that had a strong smell or odor would make me extra nauseated. Apparently during pregnancy our sniffers are extra sensitive.  So to help combat unpleasant smells keep either a small bottle of lemon extract or some other fresh and natural scent with you so that you are ready for battle.

Natural Methods To Relieve Morning Sickness

What would be your plan for warding of morning sickness in pregnancy?

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