Most Useless Baby Items

There seems to be a fear among many parents that lead them to believe that they need to have nearly everything out there made for babies. This is so far from being true. For the most part many baby items out there on the market today are a real waste of money. Better to save this money for a future need for your child, such as a college fund. 

The following are items which I chose not to purchase and my reasons for not doing so. They may work for some moms and that is great. These are simply my own opinions. If there are products listed here that do/have helped you please share your experiences. 

Mango Custard Egg Free Recipe

Mango Custard Egg Free

I was recently cleaning through my freezer and had noticed three small pieces of mango. It was not enough really to make a cobbler or smoothies. So I thought I would try adding it to a plain custard recipe. Nothing fancy. I used an egg free custard and it turned out well. 

Sock Sorting Activity For Toddlers

Sock Sorting Activity For Toddlers

This is a great activity to encourage the development of sorting skills as well as fine motor skills. At the same time this activity will also help with recognition of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. All of these skills are very important for young children. These types of activities also provide healthy stimulation as well as fun and entertainment at the same time. Another plus is this is completely free. It does not cost a penny.

Egyptian Basbousa

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Egyptian Basbousa

Basbousa is a term in the Middle East that refers to a sweet semolina dessert like cake. While it is baked all over the Middle East there are various ways to make this. My husband is from Egypt so of course I have learned to make it the Egyptian way. This cake is very simple and quick to make. Ingredients are very basic. Some basbousa recipes include eggs however the recipe I use is egg free.

Enter Into The Last Month Of Pregnancy

My last month of pregnancy is now beginning. In my previous pregnancy I was one week overdue. Because of this I believe that I am not in as much of a hurry to get everything prepared as I was at that time. I know that is not the way to think as all pregnancies are different. I should be expecting this little one to make his entrance any day now. Still I am finding it hard to get started. I thought because of this I would write this post on what to expect in the final month of pregnancy, what to do to prepare for the big day and also offer some helpful tips to make the transition a little smoother.

The final month: What to expect

DIY Shoe Box Sewing Basket

I am one of these ladies who has yet to own a sewing machine. Instead I have a whole bunch of little sewing instruments and threads packed into two zipper pouches as well as a plastic bag. Not quite a sewing basket that anyone imagines. It would also seem that our home had some extra shoe boxes laying around that were not being used. I love shoe boxes as they don't cost anything extra and they are great for storing little items!

So I ended up dumping all these sewing items into a shoe box. However that just looked like a big mess. I got to thinking about the cute sewing baskets I have seem in the past. I thought I could do something similar with a shoe box that would take very little time and effort. 

So here is what I did!

Firstly I gathered up the materials I was thinking to use. This is where recycling little boxes comes in handy! 

Materials pictured here include:

1 shoe box
various small sized boxes to fit inside the shoe box
1 piece of cardboard to act as a divider between the 2 tiers
wrapping paper
hot glue gun

Natural Relief of Heartburn During Pregnancy

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During both first and second trimester in this pregnancy I rarely had any heartburn. I am now down to the last 5 weeks. For the past 2 to 3 weeks heartburn has become a daily hindrance for me. 

The image below may explain why all of a sudden I have been hit with this awful feeling. 

Some other causes of heartburn during pregnancy include: 

1. Certain foods including caffeinated beverages, chocolate, fried and fatty foods, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and tomatoes, and alcohol which should be avoided during pregnancy for so many reasons. 
2. Consuming large meals. 
3. Eating too close to bedtime thus not giving food a chance to digest.