Sock Sorting Activity For Toddlers

This is a great activity to encourage the development of sorting skills as well as fine motor skills. At the same time this activity will also help with recognition of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. All of these skills are very important for young children. These types of activities also provide healthy stimulation as well as fun and entertainment at the same time. Another plus is this is completely free. It does not cost a penny.

What you will need:

- Matching pairs of socks
- A bin to mix them in 

What you will have your toddler do:

First let him to play with the container of socks. My son started with removing one sock and a time and placing them on the table. Then he placed them back in the bin one at a time. He repeated this process several times. This will give him time to visualize and feel the socks. 
Next initiate the sorting. Choose two matching socks, remove them from the container and lay them out in front of you. Your toddler may try to copy. If not continue another one or two times. He will get the idea. At first I found it best to start of with just a few pairs of my son's own socks only. I increased it a little each time. Eventually we will start adding mommy and daddy's socks as well to make it more interesting.
I am enjoying watching him as he progresses. 

Have you done any sorting activities with your toddler or young child? Would you like to share? 

Thank you for stopping by :)