Most Useless Baby Items

There seems to be a fear among many parents that lead them to believe that they need to have nearly everything out there made for babies. This is so far from being true. For the most part many baby items out there on the market today are a real waste of money. Better to save this money for a future need for your child, such as a college fund. 

The following are items which I chose not to purchase and my reasons for not doing so. They may work for some moms and that is great. These are simply my own opinions. If there are products listed here that do/have helped you please share your experiences. 


1. Changing table. No matter where you place baby when changing a diaper they should never be left unattended. This even includes a changing table with a belt. So we did not see the need for a special table just for changing a diaper. We found either the bed or sofa worked fine. We would place a change pad or receiving blanket under baby and change him. So simple.

2. Diaper pail such as the diaper genie. I absolutely dislike this one. I remember visiting a friend of mine who was using one. What I noticed is that it becomes a habit to first fill the pail before emptying it. Maybe its because of the cost of the refill bags. I always found that when we do occasion use disposables that it is better to add them to the household trash which get emptied at least twice per day.

3. Disposable wipes. I purchased one package to use at the hospital following birth and then changed to using cloth wipes. Huge money saver and also better for baby's skin. 

4. Baby laundry detergent. People see a cute little baby on a bottle of "baby detergent" and may think it is an absolute must. I found that washing our baby's clothes separately for the first three months and using a small amount of our family detergent worked just fine. If you are still worried you can switch your family soap to a natural kind so that it will be safe for everyone. 

5. Wipes warmer. These are made for both cloth or disposable wipes. Just wet cloths under warm water and you are good to go. No need to make them hot. I cannot speak much for disposable wipes however when I used these wipes at the hospital I did not see any need in heating them. 


6. Baby food maker. I felt no desire whatsoever for this. I thought it would be something that would probably sit in the cupboard and never used. We have a blender in our home which works just as well.

7. Boppy (breastfeeding) pillow. Even though I do breastfeed my son I did not feel the need for this simply because I already have pillows in my home that I can use for the support if needed. A rolled up blanket also works just as well. 

8. Bottle warmer. As mentioned above I have breastfed. I did on occasion express my milk for bottle feed. Breast milk is fine at room temperature for several hours. If it has been cooled in refrigerator it can easily be heated by placing in a pan of hot water for a few minutes. 

9. Bottle drying rack. This just takes up more space on the kitchen counter. Most kitchens already have a dish drying rack. That is just as effective. 

10. Burp cloths. I just don't see any effectiveness in these. When my mom would use them on my son while she was caring for him he would usually manage to miss the cloth by an inch or two every time. Just having a facecloth handy for wipe up is just as effective.

11. High chair. We just kept baby with us when he first started eating. It was so much easier just sitting him on our lap and feeding him. 

12. Sippy cups. Once our son started to have a little water at 6 months we started with a cup. Personally I just do not like sippy cups.


13. Baby specific DVD's. Some parents say these are a must for those times when baby is being a little fussy or you need a quick babysitting tool. Most of these DVD's or ones similar to are available on Youtube for download.

14. Bumbo seat. This allows young babies to sit upright before they are able to do so on their own. I would not use this simply because I do not want to force any of my babies before they are ready to do so.

15. Exersaucer. These can be fairly expensive and does not do a whole lot for babies. Most moms I have spoke to who have owned these have said that their babies did not use them much at all and if they had known they would not have invested in one. 

16. Crib Toys/teddy bears. Most of these are made specially to clip on to the crib rails. I opted from this also as we do not have a baby crib. We chose to co-sleep with our baby. If we did have a crib I would still choose not to have these simply as they can pose a risk to newborns and cause sleep distractions for older babies. I did not include baby crib is my list as this is one item though we do not use it I do not consider it a useless item. 


17. Baby monitor. Since our home is not all that large and all one level I felt this to be totally an unnecessary item. Additionally with me being a stay at home mom I am always within hearing range of any sound my baby makes no matter how low. 

18. Bedding sets baby crib. These are often very expensive and the bumper pad as well as comforter can be a breathing hazard for baby. I just find them completely unnecessary. 

19. Rocking chair. So many moms say that this is an absolute must. Well we did not buy one for our baby and we did just fine without it. If our son was having a hard night often just walking with him helped put him to sleep.


20. Shopping cart cover. Until our baby reaches the age of about 6 months or older he will be carried around and not placed in a shopping cart. By the time he is he will already be exposed to so many germs as germs are everywhere. Also some germ exposure is a must in order to help build a strong immune system. 


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  1. Fantastic list of useless baby items. I tend to agree with most of it. I have three grown daughters and four young granddaughters. There are only a few items on your list that we did find helpful.

    Wipes are just a matter of preference. I prefer wipes but if I couldn't afford them I could get by with a warm damp cloth.

    And I love the smell of baby detergent. It's part of the adorable baby smell that we all love.

    Lastly, I think a high chair is a good investment. I bought one for my first daughter and it used for two more daughters and one of my granddaughters. It is just so much easier for baby/toddler to eat/be fed when their high chair is pushed up to the table.

    I love sippy cups. Especially no drip cups. My six month old granddaughter loves her sippy cup. She can get a drink whenever she wants.

    It all boils down to convenience - what you believe is money well spent.

  2. This is a good list. Almost every new mom buys all these items and realizes most of them are waste of money. I personally found some of the items in your "useless list" to be useful. It might be due to my situation at the time (I had C-section so I needed few extra comforts during my recovery), but these are what I found useful.

    Changing table: I can't say enough about how useful it had been to have a changing table. I initially thought it would be useless so I didn't buy thinking I can use a dresser top like many do these days. But after I came home from hospital I quickly realized I need a changing table and found one on craiglist for $20. It worked wonderfully for 2 yrs until my daughter was completely potty trained. I didn't have to bend to change the diapers, didn't have to look for changing pad whenever I needed to change and worry about any messes on bed/sofa, plus it held all the diaper supplies and baby laundry basket.
    Rocking Chair was another craigslist find. I didn't have to spend much on it so it was worth the money.
    Bottle Warmer: I had to use bottles very often so I found this very helpful.
    Baby Monitor: This is one thing I regret for not buying. My daughter fell off from bed and had a fracture when I stepped away for 5 minutes to change my clothes. She was sleeping when I stepped away. I did not hear her wake up though I was in the next room. I wish I had a monitor so I could have heard her move on the bed. The basic monitor is not that expensive. I recommend everyone to buy and use one even if it doesn't seem necessary. It is for baby's safety. May be I am over reacting due to what happened, but better safe than sorry like me.

    I agree with Darlene's comment, it all comes down to what you believe is money well spent.

  3. Oh, one more thing. I liked the baby food maker too. I used Baby Brezza. It may not be for everyone and sure a normal blender will work. But this one had a steamer + timer + blender. So I just needed to set the timer for each type of food and forget. Once cooked, it blended the food automatically and I felt it was very convenient. Grain basket and other attachments were not very useful though.

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  5. These are great items that you have listed. As a nanny for years I agree with you on some of these things.

    I think that if you have a blender or food processor at home you don't need the baby bullet, but I love the storage that it comes with.

    Baby wipes are great but I agree using wash cloths can be better for babies skin, but with the natural ones you should be fine.

    Baby detergent I love the smell, and it is great for sensitive skin,

    I love diaper pails for people who use disposables, but for cloth diapering they work too, you just stick the dirty diapers in like a regular diaper.

    Changing tables are good, but when your child gets older a sofa or floor works better. For safety wise you might rather use the floor

    I think that some things for me that are a must are the rocking chair, and the baby monitor. But I can see your points on why you wouldn't need them.

    The Boppy and Bumbo chair is great for keeping baby from getting a flat head or laying down all the time.

    Thanks for sharing I am sure this will help all moms

  6. I loved my Diaper Genie and have purchased them for most new moms since I have purchased my first. Smell free & mess free!

  7. I agree on a bunch of these (like the wipe warmer). Here's my take on the 7 baby products I found to be a waste of money:

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  9. The most useful item I had with my son was my Ergo. I used that thing like crazy until I couldn't wear him anymore (which was when he was just short of 3 years old). And I had a boppy and never used it. That was until I had an awful tailbone injury and used my boppy in my car so I could drive in comfort. : )

  10. The baby wipe warmer and the Diaper Genie...phft useless in our house. :)

  11. I too bought everything the doctor/store recommended and a lot of it went unused. For me the most useless purchase was the attachment to go inside the baby bath for the baby to lie on, used it once and tossed it aside! I did get a lot of use out of items on your list, but to each their own! :) Danica

  12. I didn'y buy most of these things either! I stuck to only the most important things, but I did use sippy cups, a high chair and diaper bag. Sometimes these products are so cute, you just can't help yourself! Good list!

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  14. Loved this blog, as a mother of six I do agree with the majority of it, some of the items I never even bothered with like a wippie warmer lol... but I will say that I never had a changing table with any of my kids until my sixth one and it is much easier on my back than changing her on the bed like I did with the rest of them. I also like that I can keep all the diapers and clothes there too so I am not running around looking for the diapers, wipes and a new outfit that she just spit up on lol!

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  19. I agree with the changing table. It's a baby stuff that takes a lot of space in a room. My mom never used one and we did fine. I didn't use one for either of my kids and we're fine.

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  24. I had the changing table and bumbo and diaper genie with my first. NEVER used any of them. I had learned by my second child that most of what I had thought i needed with my first was useless for me. My baby swing though? BEST purchase ever..lol

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