Saturday, 26 October 2013

Chocolate Banana Smoothies


Looking for a smoothie with a little chocolate goodness without any added sugar or sweetener? Then try this tasty chocolaty banana smoothie. These are wonderful to have in the morning to get you off to a good start. They can also be enjoyed at anytime during the day.This is a very simple recipe that contains only five ingredients, two steps, and takes only a few minutes to make. 

Chocolate Banana Smoothies 

Servings 2 


1 medium sized banana 
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup cold milk
4 large ice cubes (approximately 1 cup)


1. Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.
2. Pour into serving glasses or cups and serve.

Enjoy :)

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I love chocolate and banana together -- these smoothies look delicious!

My children would love this... and my "chocolate allergic" one seems to do a little better with pure cocoa than with pre-made chocolate things from the store.

Wonderful combination - banana and chocolate!
I'd looooooooooove to drink a smoothie like this :)

Hi Marcie!
Thank you! They are very delicious :)

Hi Ella!
I found these to be perfect for any age. Sorry to hear about your little one having an allergy. Hopefully this can be enjoyed by all your children :)

Hi Winnie!
I am sure you would enjoy these :)

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Oh, man, I wish I liked bananas! I love to make smoothies!

I am stopping by from the "Showing Some Love" blog hop. I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime soon too! Thanks!

Desert Momma

They sound lovely! I think me and Little Monkey will have to give them a whirl!, Thanks :) - #MMWBH

Have to admit as someone who hates bananas I wouldn't dream of trying these - but then I wouldn't have chocolate for breakfast either lol

Sounds yummy. hopping by via #MMWBH

My daughter loves smoothies - I will print this out for her! Julia

I love smoothies! I used to buy them all the time, until I figured I would try making them on my own. Now, I enjoy mixing flavors to come up with different results. Mmmm...I think I'll go make one now!

Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! :)

Hi Holly!
Thank you! I love bananas. I also love smoothies.
I will be sure to come by your blog again soon.
Have a great weekend :)

Yes they are a great smoothie! Hope you and your little Monkey enjoy!
Have a great weekend :)

Hi Colette!
Thank you for stopping by! Well I guess it works out good for bananas... no chocolate :)
Have a great weekend :)

Thank you! They sure are yummy!
Have a great weekend :)

Hi Julia!
I hope she will enjoy this!
Have a great weekend :)

Thank you! I also love smoothies. They are definitely better and more tasty when you make them yourself.
Have a great weekend :)

Thanks so much for visiting me at Chatting Over Chocolate today!! Returning the follow via Bloglovin' ;) Your smoothie looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! Have a terrific weekend :)