My 16 month old son loves to take baths. Up until recently he has been quite content with just splashing water all over and playing with his rubber duckies. It has come time to experiment with objects which can be added to his bath that are both fun and safe for him. All of these objects we already have in our home so no need to go out and make any special purchases. 

Here is what has been working thus far:

1. Food coloring. Add a few drops to the bath water. along with the fun of seeing their bath water change colors it is a great way to help them learn their colors.

2. Plastic cups/containers. They love filling and dumping water. 

3. Strainer. By submersing the strainer under water and then lifting it up a rain shower is created. 

4. Balloons. These are always a fun addition anywhere. 

5. Spray bottle filled with water mixed with food coloring. As they spray the water the water will become colored and no longer clear.

6. Colored ice cubes. This one seems to be a favorite with my son.

What kinds of items do/did you give your toddler to play with in the bathtub?

Have a great day :)