NFL Green Bay Packers Baby Gear

The Benefits of Shopping For Green Bay Packers Baby Gear Online

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Green Bay Packers Jersey

It is always fun to shop for Green Bay Packers gear for your baby, but it is not fun to drive around town to find the gear. Shopping online makes it easier to find onesies, jerseys, pants and hats supporting your favorite team. Here are several benefits of shopping for Green Bay Packers baby gear online.

1. You can find a variety of products. Driving around to different stores just to find a Green Bay Packers jersey can be a waste of time and gas. There are many shopping websites that carry football jerseys for babies, and this makes it easier to purchase your jersey and other products from one place. One website that carries jersey onesies is Baby Fans, and the jersey features the Green Bay Packers logo and team colors.

2. Shopping online is easier when you have a baby. It is not easy to shop when your baby is tired or fussy. When you shop online, you can purchase gear for your baby right from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to worry about packing a diaper bag or rushing home for naptime. You can add the items to your cart and checkout from your couch.

3. You can find other NFL teams. You do not have to stick with Green Bay Packers baby gear, but it is going to be hard to find other teams in your local stores. There are several shopping websites that make it easy to find baby gear for other teams. Browse their inventory for teams ranging from the Washington Redskins to the Cincinnati Bengals. You can add the items to your cart with your Green Bay Packers gear.

4. The items are designed for babies. When you shop with an online store such as Baby Fans, you are browsing through sports gear designed just for babies. One example is the Green Bay Packers football jersey onesie from Baby Fans. It comes in short sleeves and a v-neck design to keep your baby comfortable, and it features a three snap closure at the leg for easy dressing. The jersey onesie is comfortable enough for play time, but it is also stylish enough for game day.

5. Returning and exchanging an item is easy. It is a shame to receive your item only to discover you ordered the wrong size for your baby. Shopping websites such as Baby Fans make it easy to return or exchange an item. You can return or exchange unused or defective items by contacting the customer service team for a return form. You do have to pay a low fee for shipping and handling when exchanging an item, but the store allows you to specify the size and color of your new item.

There are many benefits of shopping for Green Bay Packers or other football baby gear online. You can browse through a wide selection of items designed for babies, and the inventory includes a variety of teams and sports. The best part is being able to shop from home while your baby is napping. If you are looking for an easier way to get your baby ready for game day, you can shop for adorable NFL products through an online baby store.

Green Bay Packers Baby Gear

Shop for the Green Bay Packers jersey plus more!

Ways to Store Your Family's Memories and Pay for Reunions

Store Your Family's Memories and Pay for Reunions with SmugMug

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Take your photography to the limit with unlimited storage. Your life has so many awesome moments to capture, and we’ll save absolutely every one of them. That’s right, there’s no limit on photo uploads. Always and forever!

Your photos are protected

For over 14 years SmugMug has maintained the highest technical standards when it comes to keeping photos safe. They also provide you with tools like password protection and extensive privacy controls for added peace of mind. With easy-to-organize folders, simple-to-design galleries, and dozens of elegant site themes to choose from, we guarantee your photos will look stunning on any device.
Concerned about who sees your photos? You decide who can see your site, galleries, pages, or photos. Make anything public, accessible to a select few, or completely private. Want to protect your photos further? Safeguard your work with watermarks, custom right-click messages, and password protection. And the copyright on your photos? It's always yours.

Take control

You’re in control of how you show up online. Use SEO and other tools to increase your site’s visibility. Or, on the other hand, unlist from any search engines so you don’t have to deal with unwanted traffic.

Build a community

Share your photos and perspectives with a community you care about. For friends and family, embed photos and videos in emails or on Facebook—or let them come to you. If it’s exposure you seek, explore and connect with the passionate, like-minded photo lovers of the SmugMug community. And if you shoot to sell, you can make sure your clients—and even window shoppers—feel welcome in your event galleries and on your site.

Have a reunion coming up?

With a SmugMug account, you can easily let other party-goers upload their photos to one gallery on your site, just by using a special link. Perfect for pooling together your most candid moments from your big event!


Check out more about storing your family's memories and paying for reunions with SmugMug.

How to Create a Photo Website That Makes Money

Create a Photo Website That Makes Money

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Today, mostly everyone has turned to digital photography. Some people do however continue to have their photographs developed into prints. They may want to have photos hung on their wall, tucked away in their wallet, or framed to be given as a gift.

If you are looking to earn extra money from your photographs there are many ways to do so online. One site that can help you achieve this is SmugMug. SmugMug has built a complete suite of commerce tools to help you turn your camera rolls into bankrolls, and make sure your customers are thrilled with their orders.

Easy to set up shops

 SmugMug has thought through all the details to make the business side easy. Customize price lists your clients. Charge them for an event and let them download every photo, or allow them to hand select their favorites for bulk download. Sell prints, gifts, and digital downloads seamlessly and securely with a fully hosted shopping cart and checkout. And you always keep 85% of the profits.

Make your trademark

Building a brand requires branding what you’ve built. And not everyone lets you put your mark on your work. SmugMug makes it easy for you to add your digital branding to your site, shopping cart, watermarks, thank-you notes—whatever you want to carry your name.

End the need for search

Make them look right where you want them to with powerful SEO tools. Detailed stats and analysis let you monitor visitors to your site.

Work, meet, flow

Upload, organize, and curate your photos with fewer steps and less hassle. With the Lightroom plug-in, you can automatically sync with SmugMug, keeping your structure and metadata (keywords, titles, and captions) wholly intact. Lightroom, camera, action.

The big reveal

Make delivering the goods a happy experience with digital delivery. With absolute control over sizes and pricing, you decide what’s available and how your clients can get it. Deliver individual images or entire galleries with your eyes closed (metaphorically speaking).


The labs you use and trust, all available directly through SmugMug.

Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch Gaming System

Just Free Stuff Monthly Giveaway - Nintendo Switch Gaming System

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Nintendo Switch

Just Free Stuff is giving away a Nintendo Switch Gaming System on October 01, 2017. To enter, all you will need to do enter your email and then confirm your email.

Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like.

Nintendo Switch is suitable for all ages:
Setting guidelines for your kids is easy with Nintendo Switch—so you can all relax and have fun.

Parents can use the convenient, free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app to control:

hich games your kids can play
How long and how late they can play

Whether they can post screenshots to social media.

You can also set restrictions for Nintendo eShop via your Nintendo Account.

Multiplayer modes: 
Connect and make memories:
Whether you’re playing together on the couch, linking your system with a friend’s on the go, or playing online with friends across the country, Nintendo Switch has you covered.

You can use up to eight controllers with one Nintendo Switch system, so everyone can play.

*Additional Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro controllers required for multiplayer modes; sold separately. Multiplayer features vary by game; see individual games for details.
Enter to win a Nintendo Switch Gaming System

Prize (1): Includes Nintendo Switch Console with Gray Joy-Con and a 1-2 Switch Game.

Average Retail Value: $400

One Time Entry. Expires September 30, 2017. 
U.S. and Canada Only.

Introducing Darn Good Yarn

Introducing Darn Good Yarn

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Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn is an online yarn store that is dedicated to supporting women's economic empowerment, fair trade practices, and principles of environmental sustainability. They offer dozens of reclaimed and sustainable fibers, cloths, and yarn, allowing knitters, crocheters, and other crafter's access to these rare and special items. In doing so, we hope to encourage the joy of crocheting, knitting, beautiful garments, and ethical consumerism.

Darn Good Yarn takes manufactured waste, which would normally be sent to landfills, and repurposes it to create spectacular pieces of art. The process begins by gathering manufacturing remnants and seconds of sari materials. These recycled and reclaimed sari fabrics and garments are torn by hand and sewn together and dyed. This reclamation process have saved 100,000 pounds of textile waste from heading into landfills and rivers. Just check out this beauiful herbal sunrise shawl.

herbal dyed shawl

Capture the sunrise with this beautifully designed herbal dyed shawl. The dye is made with natural herbs, flowers and plants and the yarn is recycled making for the perfect sustainable product.

A purchase from Darn Good Yarn is more than a consumer expenditure. The business model is designed to literally protect our environment, employ families as they rise above poverty, send children to school, and give you fabrics and garments that tell a beautiful story of connection with women and families around the globe. It's a purchase to not only feel good about, but also a story to share. Each and every time you knit a scarf or wear a skirt, YOU are making a difference.

Darn Good Yarn

It's that time of year when students are heading Back to School and want to decorate new apartments and dorm rooms. Darn Good Yarn has trendy and budget friendly decor and apparel. Everything from wall hangings, bed covers, pillow cases, and Boho chic fashion items making it your one stop shop! 

Back to School

Subscriptions are also available. Yarn, Knitting, and Craft Subscriptions are monthly subscriptions that deliver thoughtfully sourced boxes right to your doorstep! When you subscribe, you are joining a community of crafters just like you. Every month, you will receive an expertly curated box of crafting materials to inspire and teach you new skills. Select the box of your choice and subscribe today!


Check out the Darn Good Yarn store online and grab yourself some of their gorgeous sale yarn. Don't forget to download some of their free patterns, or pick up some pre-made garments handmade by artisans from around the world. Most of all, remember to smile - when you shop with Darn Good Yarn, you're helping to make the world a better place.

Darn Good Yarn

20 Free Date Ideas

20 Free Date Ideas

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 Free Date Ideas

Going on dates with your spouse does not have to be costly. In fact you don't need to spend any money. If you are looking for some fun ways to spend time with your spouse then you may want to try some of the following.

1. Have your morning coffee or tea outside. If you have children be sure to wake up earlier than them. Enjoy the early morning air and chat while sipping your favorite morning drink.

2. Go for a walk. Try holding hands or looping arms.

3. Learn a new language. Choose a language that you are both interested in.

4. Cook a meal together. Try out a new recipe or an old family favorite.

5. Have a camp out in your bedroom. Set up a tent or make a fort out of blankets.

6. Read a book. Choose a book that is educational or teaches new skills. 

7. Go on a nature hike. Try to identity types of flowers, trees, and other forms of nature.

8. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. This is a great way to help sharpen your minds and opens the door for good communication.

9. Start a blog. Share ideas and your adventures with other people so that they may also try new ideas.

10. Watch a sports game. Watching a sports game outside is so much more fun than on television. Usually there is no cost for watching local teams play within communities.

Koa coffee

11. Volunteer. There is always a need for volunteers within communities. Homeless shelters, hospitals, and animal shelters are just a few.

12. Make a scrapbook. Fill your scrapbook with precious memories and life adventures.

13. Go bird watching. Take photos and try to identity various species.

14. Go fishing. Have a fun competition on who can reel in the most fish.

15. Make a yummy dessert. Try a new recipe or alter an existing one.

16. Create an at home spa. Fill a tub with bubbles and bath salts surrounded by relaxing candle scents.

17. Head to the beach. Have fun building sand sculptures, running along the shore, or just relaxing under the sun.

18. Go berry picking. Scoop out some great areas for picking berries. Have fun feeding one another the berries.

19. Watch a movie. Whip up some popcorn and serve with cold drinks. 

20. Go star gazing. Spread out a blanket under the stars and take in the amazing view.

 Free Date Ideas

What is your favorite free date idea?

Shop Gymboree's Back to School Collection

Gymboree's 2017 Back to School Collection

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Summer is passing by so quickly which means another school year is just around the corner. Parents will be preparing their children for a new year of learning, growing, and fun.

Gymboree's Back to School Collection has a great selection of stylish clothing and accessories to meet your budget. They also have some super fun backpacks and lunch boxes for boys and girls.

Choose from these awesome Comfy - Cool in Monster must-haves. 

Girls will be ready to rocket in shiny new styles.


About Gymboree:

Gymboree has been celebrating childhood for over 30 years, dressing kids from newborn to 12 years old. They offer colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections-quality clothes that let kids be kids. Gymboree is proud to dress your family for the moments that matter most - offering everything from quality playwear that stands the test of playtime to coordinated dressy looks for the perfect family photo.


Have you started getting your children ready for the new school year? Shop Gymboree's Back to School Collection and save!

Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

Easy Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

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Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

Once temperatures begin to rise in summer everyone looks for a refreshing drink to cool off and quench their thirst. A classic favorite for many is a glass of fresh lemonade.

Many people may choose to grab some already made from the store as it is quicker and easier. Homemade lemonade can also be put together fairly quickly and easily. It doesn't really matter which you choose as long as it is satisfying.

If you would like to try to make a batch on your own and feel a little intimidated you can try this simple recipe. It is not time consuming at all and you will be left with fresh and flavorful lemonade.

Servings: 6-8 cups (depending on cup size)

You will need the following:

5 1/2 cups water, divided
1 1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
Ice cubes


1. In a large saucepan, add 1 1/2 cups water and 1 1/4 cup sugar.

2. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes. Cool to room temperature.

3. Transfer to a 2 quart (1.89 litre) pitcher. Stir in juices and peels. 

4. Cover and refrigerate at least one hour. 

5. Stir in remaining water. Serve with ice cubes.

Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

Do you enjoy a glass of refreshing lemonade during the summer?

How to get Rid of Moths Naturally

10 Ways to get Rid of Moths Naturally in your Home

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How to get Rid of Moths Naturally

If you discover moths inside your home it is most likely that either your foods or fabrics have been targeted. They seem to enjoy cereals, nuts, grains, and other dry foods. Clothing favorites are those made of synthetics, furs, silk, wools, and other fabrics. They can cause a significant amount of damage even in a short time.

Firstly, the areas of infestation will have to be thoroughly cleaned by following these steps :

Throw away any food that you see moths or larvae in, or any that you are the least bit suspicious of being infested.

Vacuum the entire area, including all cracks and crevices. Make sure to empty out the vacuum once all vacuuming is finished.

Wipe down every surface in the pantry with hot soapy water and let dry.

Check all cans and jars for moth webbing and wipe them down with vinegar before returning to pantry.

 Non-Toxic Home Products

Here are a few items you can use to help protect items naturally:

1. White Vinegar. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Clean surfaces using this spray to help prevent infestations.

2. Cucumbers. Cucumbers are one example of natural pest control when it comes to moths. In addition to moths, cucumbers are helpful in ridding ants, mites, wasps, and other insects. The more bitter the cucumber, or cucumber peels, the better.

3. Bay leaves. Bay leaves emit a strong odor that moths do not like to inhale. You can add bay leaves to potpourri or simply place some in cabinets and closets.

4. Mint. Mint leaves are another effective moth repellent. Place a handful of dried peppermint in a sachet, or place loose leaves among your clothes. 

5. Lavander. sprinkle some dry lavender flower or you can simply spray lavender oil in the areas you find moths. Lavender helps take away them almost all from your house fast.

6. Cedar chips. Pick up some cedar chips or blocks from the store, and place them wherever they're needed. You can even buy cedar drawer liners or cedar rings that fit over hangers.

7. Herbal pouch. Fill a sachet bag with one or a combination of these four herbs to keep moths at bay for months. While moths don't like the smell of these herbs, humans sure do. Replace the contents of your sachets every six months, or whenever they begin to lose their fragrance. 

8. Water traps. Water traps are a tricky, but natural way to kill moths. Make a water trap by filling a container with water and suspend a night light over it. Moths will be attracted to the light and will wind up diving into the water and dying. It's a good idea to add dish soap in order to ease the surface tension of the water moths are crashing into.

9. Pheromone traps. Find sticky pheromone traps in the insect aisle of your supermarket or order them online. If you get re-infested, or you miss any, they will be drawn to the pheromones where they will stick and die.

10. Hair dryer. On clothes or dresses that you cannot vacuum, but you can give it a try using a blow dryer to give it heat therapy in order to kill the moths by heating them and also their eggs. Try this method to get rid of moths fast.

How to get Rid of Moths Naturally

Do you know of other natural ways to get rid of moths?

Shop Stella & Dot's Mother's Day gift ideas!

Need a Mother's Day gift idea? Shop Stella & Dot!

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With Mother's Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to make this the best Mother's Day ever for mom. Carefully select  the gift that will be sure to warm her heart and put a huge smile on her beautiful face. Along with your gift, treat her to a special day where she will feel like a queen.

You can treat mom to a breakfast in bed, her favorite home cooked meal, a fancy dinner out, or spa treatment. From jewelry to scarves to totes, Stella & Dot has great gift options for every mom to wear or take along on her special day out.

This versatile Mullti-stripe getaway tote would be the perfect option for a day at the park, the pool, or for a quick weekend gataway.

Another great choice is this Classic sterling silver locket. This simple yet beautifully detailed locket was hand modeled in Stella & Dot's NY design studio. Personalize with a monogram or a special date to make it unique.

Stella & Dot has a wide selection of scarves such as this Infinity style scarf. It features custom S&D pattern in neutral cream, grey, white, and the perfect pop of pink, finished with modern tassels.

Also, from now until Monday 05/15, buy two bracelets and get a third one for 50% off! Stack your style with more bracelets for a lower price now! Offer valid while supplies last.

Whether you have a close and happy relationship with your mom or not remember that she is still your mom. Moms deserve to be treated special not only on Mother's Day but every day of the year. Make this a Mother's Day she will always remember and cherish.