Ways to Save Money on your Summer Barbecue


Ways to Save Money on your Summer Barbecue

Barbecue season is nearing and there’s no better way to enjoy a summer day with family than with the taste of freshly grilled foods. Whether you’re planning to barbecue in your own back yard, the beach, or during a day in the woods with nature there are some expenses you need to consider. From food and beverages to grilling equipment barbecuing costs can quickly add up.

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It is important to plan out your barbecue to help cut down on costs. The following are ten ways to save money on your summer barbecue.

1. Purchase reduced meats

Head out to the supermarket nice and early on the morning of your BBQ and head straight for the reduced counter.  You can get your hands on fresh meats that need to be eaten that day and save a great deal.

2. Choose cheaper cuts of meat

When you’re standing in front of the meat case in the grocery store, stay away from the expensive cuts and opt for the cheaper stuff. It really does taste every bit as good as the more expensive stuff but goes further and you get more for your money that way.

3. Buy frozen meats

The BBQ food from the fresh section is always much more expensive than their frozen alternatives.  Things like kebabs and chicken thighs can be up to half the price.  Most supermarkets have a dedicated frozen BBQ food section, so always compare prices before you shop.

4. Make your own sauces and rubs

Why spend money on items you can easily make at home? Its so easy and quick to make your own rubs and sauces for a barbecue, simply by using the herbs and spices you already have in your kitchen. Seasonings can be customized from a salt or pepper base, with herbs like rosemary, thyme and paprika added to taste. If you have your own herb garden, now's the time to use your homegrown ingredients. For sauces, use tomato sauce or mayonnaise as your base and mix with a careful selection of cayenne pepper, mustard seeds, paprika or turmeric.

5. Grill your side dishes 

While the grill is already hot and ready why not throw on some simple sides such as grilled asparagus, corn on the cob, and other veggies such as carrots and potatoes. This keeps you outside and cuts down on the use of kitchen appliances.

6. Do your own meat cutting

It’s definitely easier to buy pre-cut meat and vegetables, however these products will cost you more. If you want to save money you could cut these yourself. Keep in mind that doing this will make the veggies healthier since nutrients won’t be lost due to the packaging process. Instead of buying hamburger patties, buy ground beef and then build your own burgers. You can make them thick or thin  as well as add items to make the burgers unique to your event such as sliced onions, pickles, or cheese.

7. Build a grill

Instead of buying a barbecue, you can build your own, longer-lasting model for a similar cost. All it takes is enough bricks and cement to make two small walls, leaving shelves for a metal charcoal tray and the grill.

8. Cut down on fuel costs

For any BBQ on a budget, you need to be aware of fuel costs. Don't make the mistake of piling up the charcoal when there really isn’t any need. You can always add more later on rather than pile it up at first. With gas versions, simply turn it on only when you're ready to cook and make sure you turn it off as soon as you're finished.

9. Choose to buy a grill wisely

If you prefer to purchase a new grill you should carefully consider their options. Charcoal grills usually come with a lower price tag than gas ones. However, charcoal is a more expensive fuel than gas. For those who don’t barbecue often, the initial cost savings of a charcoal grill can make it a good choice. However, those who cook out at least one night a week throughout the summer will save money in the long run with a gas grill.

10. Eat on reusable plates

No one wants a big clean up after a party and paper plates are disposable but a very inexpensive way to go is plastic plates that can be reused at another time.

Ways to Save Money on your Summer Barbecue

What are some ways you save money on your summer barbecue? 

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