10 Amazing Uses for Hairspray Other than your Hair

Amazing Uses for Hairspray Other than your Hair

Hairspray has been around for decades and most commonly used to tame hair to keep it in place during the entire day. Most people may have a can or two in the home. Hairspray, however, is no longer used just for your hair.

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Turns out there are many uses for hairspray around the home that can help make your life a little easier. Whether you are cleaning or tackling laundry that may have some issues, hairspray can help.

Here are ten amazing uses for hairspray other than your hair.

1. Remove stains 

If you have a stain that just won’t budge, try dabbing at it with a cloth coated in hairspray, and it should start to loosen. It’s particularly good on ink and make-up stains like lipstick – simply apply, leave to work its magic for a few minutes, then wash as normal. Hairspray is also perfect for removing grass stains. As picnic season is on the horizon, this is a cleaning hack we all need! Simply soak the item of clothing in cold water and then spray the hairspray on the stain. Pop it in the washing machine as normal and the hairspray will have worked its magic!

2. Eliminate static 

There's no point to getting your hairstyle in place for it to be ruined by static clothes. To avoid this, spray the garment with hairspray to neutralise the electric charge.

3. Dust-free curtains

Spray some hairspray on your curtains and they'll stay dust-free longer.

4. Remove lint 

Even if clothes are clean, lint can make them look like they're still dirty. You can always use a lint roller, but that's time-consuming. Instead, spray hair spray onto a washcloth and rub it across your clothing. The lint will stick to the hairspray and lift easily off of the clothes, leaving them clean and lint-free.

5. Get candle wax off furniture

If you've had a wax dripping disaster on wooden furniture, the best way to get rid of it is heating it up again. Put the dryer on medium heat until it starts to melt then wipe away.

6. Thread a needle 

Threading a needle can be a real test of your patience. Try spraying the end of the thread with hairspray to keep it from fraying. Your nerves are saved.

7. Remove stickers and labels 

If you've got a sticker that won't come off cleanly in one go, give it a blast with your hair dryer. Heating the glue makes it more malleable therefore easier to peel away.

8. Strengthen pantyhose 

Spray a pair of new pantyhose with hairspray and let them dry. This will strengthen them and prevent runs and tears. Hairspray can even help stop a run from getting better if you spritz some in the area that is running.

9. Preserve flowers 

Get an extra few days out of your flowers by misting them with hairspray. Once you’ve cut the stem, they’re already dead, so this can’t prolong their life, but it will stop them from wilting. 

10. Get rid of bugs 

Believe it or not, hairspray is actually less toxic than generic bug spray, but still surprisingly effective. Use it in the same way to keep your house free of unwanted visitors.

Amazing Uses for Hairspray Other than your Hair

What are some uses you have for hairspray other than your hair?


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  1. This is such an informative posts. I had no idea that
    you could use hairspray for so many things. I will be
    using the removal of labels and threading a needle