Benefits of Playing Fun Online Food Games for Children

Benefits of Playing Fun Online Food Games for Children

Encourage your children to put on their mini chef hats and aprons to get stuck in the kitchen with Culinary schools free online kids cooking games. There are so many  cooking and food games for your budding chefs to choose from.

These fun cooking and food games for kids are great fun, and also help children learn about assembling ingredients, how food is prepared, safety in the kitchen, and plenty of more skills that will benefit them outside the virtual kitchen.

Getting children involved in the kitchen has many benefits including developing creativity and fine motor skills, encouraging healthier eating, and enhance basic math concepts as well as build language skills.

The following are a few of our favorite fun and free online food games for kids.

1. Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake 

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake is a simple game which familiarizes children with the kitchen and following a recipe. It is more of a playable instructional video versus a game & is best suited for young children in first grade or below.

2. Pizza Party

Pizza Party serves guests custom made pizzas using ingredients like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil and pepperoni. This game is easier than many of the other games since the crust is automatic, almost every order (except for the ham and mushroom) starts with tomato sauce, there are few total ingredients to choose from & you can add ingredients in any order. This game is quite easy to play. Second and third grade students should enjoy it, with students in higher grades finding it a bit boring until they advance to higher levels and can choose between making more advanced pizzas like quattro stagioni to go with basic margherita, marinara and pepperoni pizzas.

3. Sushi Matching

Sushi Matching is a 25-level game where players connect 3 or more of the same type of sushi in a row. Finish levels quickly and make many matches to try to score 3 stars on each stage. The bottom of the levels show how many matches you need to make, how many you have made so far, and how much time you have remaining. As you advance through the games levels grow harder with more complex goals and power ups to help you along your quest. Will you meet Jiro? :)


4. Breakfast Time 

Breakfast Time serves guests breakfast by matching each item on an order one at a time until the order is complete. Each round consists of 60-seconds and getting one item wrong leaves the customer angry. This game may frustrate rather young children but would be good for fifth to sixth graders.

5. Donuts

Donuts is a 25-level game where donuts can be moved with adjacent donuts above, below, or to their side in order to connect 3 or more in a row. This game is like a simplified & less addictive version of Candy Crush without all the power ups and social pressure elements. Players are given 2 minutes for each level and the shape of the playing field changes slightly from level to level. The game starts off quite easy but grows challenging by level 21.

Benefits of Playing Fun Online Food Games for Children

Which of these fun online food games do you think your children would enjoy?

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