Gift Guide for Canon Photographers - Under $100

Gift Guide for Canon Photographers

If you're struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for a photographer friend, family member, or even yourself then read on. We’ve selected the best gifts for photographers so that whatever your budget, you’ll find something they love.

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In this collection of gifts you’ll find everything from cameras to a whole pile of useful photography accessories. Whether you’re looking to please a special photographer in your life or you want to reward yourself for a great year, here you’ll find something to do the job perfectly.

All our gift ideas are from KEH Camera. KEH is the original reseller of professional, collectable, and everyday gear for camera lovers everywhere. KEH Camera has top brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, along with many others. 

1. Canon Neck Strap - $7.83

Canon Neck Strap
This Canon strap is the perfect accessory for your Canon EOS 7D. Tired of people asking what camera you are shooting with? Look no further! This strap will let the world know what you are shooting with and offer easier, hands-free carrying of your camera. The strap has the stitched text of "EOS 7D" in silver thread, on a black background with red borders.

Canon Remote Control RC-1
This miniature infrared transmitter operates at ranges up to 16.4 ft and may be set for either instant shutter release or 2-second delay. The RC-1 may also be used to activate mirror lock and bulb functions.

3. Canon EOS 200ES Shoulder Bag Black - $18.73

Canon EOS 200ES Shoulder Bag Black
Store and protect your DSLR camera with 1-2 lenses and assorted accessories in this black EOS 200ES Shoulder Bag. This bag features a main compartment with a touch-fastening padded divider for organizing your gear, and a large weather flap with a quick release buckle for protection from the elements. Carry your 200ES with the padded top handle or the adjustable 1.5" wide shoulder strap. For added comfort, the shoulder strap has a sliding, nonslip pad. A light gray interior is useful for locating gear under low light. The bag is made of water-repellent nylon for strength, protection, and durability.

Manfrotto Compact with Compact Action Aluminum Alloy Tripod

must-have photographers seeking the professional look. This stylish black Compact Action tripod has been designed in high-quality aluminum and furnished in a stylish black finish. If you love shooting movies and photos with an entry-level SLR and standard lenses, this is the compact tripod for you.

Canon 22-55mm Mount Lens

Improved zooming action makes this compact zoom lens particularly attractive. Fully compatible with all EOS cameras, including the popular Rebel and Elan series, the lens is at its best with the new EOS IX Lite. When used on this APS SLR, the effective angle of view is equivalent to that of a 28-69mm on a 35mm camera. That makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of shooting situations. Use it for group shots, scenery, travel, portraits, close-ups, etc. Image quality is excellent, thanks in part to an advanced aspherical lens element, and the compact Micro USM (Ultrasonic Motor) drive delivers precise, silent, high-speed autofocusing.

KEH Camera

Canon Extension Tube EF12

The result of using extension tubes is that the distance from the back of the lens to the film surface is longer, which means you can take photographs at shorter distances to the subject. Extension tubes are thus commonly used for macro photography and sometimes for closeup portraits.

Canon EOS 10S 35 mm Camera Body

Upper-mid range in EOS line. Auto focus, manual override, AF lock in one shot AF mode. Includes new Multi BASIS auto focus system with three focus points placed horizontally across viewfinder; focus points can be selected automatically with intelligent camera function, or set manually. Manual metering, aperture and shutter priority AE, program AE with Intelligent program AE, Bar-code program, DOF AE, Flash AE (TTL and A-TTL) Green Zone full auto mode. PIC (Programmed Image Control) modes: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up and Sports. Metering patterns: 8 zone evaluative, center weighted averaging (in manual mode only) and 8.5% partial of the central image area. LCD top panel display, exp. comp., auto bracketing, AE lock. Built-in pop-up flash: GN 39, (NO red eye reduction, no second curtain sync w/built-in flash), 35mm lens coverage. Dedicated hot shoe. Shutter speed range: 30 sec to 1/4000 plus B, flash sync at 1/125. Auto DX coding with manual override. ISO film speed range: 6-6400. Built-in motor drive provides auto film advance (up to 5 fps) and rewind, multi. exp. capability. Mirror lock up possible when using Self Timer in user selected operation. DOF preview via custom function #11. Camera shake warning. Built-in Intervalometer and 14 custom functions.

Canon 28mm f/2.8 SC Breech Lock FD Mount Lens

This is a reasonable priced wide-angle lens with considerable depth of field, making it perfect for candid photography. It has very high resolving power, contrast and brightness, and is compact and lightweight for easy handling. Good enlargements can be made even at high magnifications. Spectra Coating assures excellent color performance. SPECIFICATIONS Type: wide-angle Angle of view: 75 degrees Minimum Aperture: F/22 Closest Focusing Distance: 1ft Filter size: 55 Lenshood: BW-55B Length: 1 15/16 in Weight: 8oz.

Canon Speedlight 430EX II

The Canon 430EX II Speedlite is a shoe-mount flash for Canon EOS cameras.  Bringing a another level of versatility and capability to flash photography, the Speedlite 430EX II features a powerful flash (guide number of 141 ft / 43m at ISO 100) with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body.  The 430EX II allows photographers to take crisp well lit images with clean color.  Useable as either a primary or fill-in light the 430EX is versatile with bounce, swivel, rear curtain sync, and wireless capabilities.

Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

Canon is gradually rolling out some very impressive lenses in the new EOS RF lens mount but full frame Canon mirrorless body owners can already make good use of the strong line-up of EF and EF-S lenses thanks to the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R. Compatible with everything from monster telephotos to ultrawide tilt-shift tools (and even APS-C coverage EF-S optics) the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R expands options while maintaining full compatibility and functionality. It allows entry to Canon's mirrorless future without having to leave behind many of the world's best lenses.

Gift Guide for Canon Photographers

What gift would you chose from our gift guide for Canon photographers? 

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