The ONE Thing You Can Do to Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2020

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Pinterest is a visual search engine used by millions of people every month looking for new ideas, inspiration, products and services. That’s a lot of traffic that could be directed to your website.

When it comes to social platforms, you want to attract and convert interested users into long-term customers. 

The one thing you can do to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020 is to create more fresh, high-quality content. 

While most social media platforms use algorithms, Pinterest prioritizes fresh content. Anything new that you add to your website will be prioritized by Pinterest. The more fresh content and the more consistent, the higher you will be prioritized. 

Having the ability to convert these Pinterest users into website traffic for your business is all about clever Pinterest marketing. It focuses not only on being able to attract their attention but also keeping them coming back.

The easiest way to increase your Pinterest traffic and convert it into website traffic is so simple. Post new and valuable content on a regular basis. Ensure that your content is fresh in order to be favored in the backstage Pinterest algorithm. Also be sure to maintain your content by keeping it new, fresh, and updated when needed.

Need help getting started or maintaining your Pinterest goals? 

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Tailwind Smart Guide keeps you up to date with Pinterest's best practices, so that you can focus your time and energy on your business. 

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