10 Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List from Cozy Winters

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Winter is here! Winter weather can often be a mixup of cold, wind, rain, and snow discourging people from venturing outside the home unless necessary. These cold days are much better spent staying inside snuggled up next to a warm crackling fire.

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As you gather around snuggled up with your family and furry friends you may be thinking of more ways to help you stay warm and cozy this winter season. Are you having trouble finding that special gift for someone this holiday?

This informative post will help you find gifts for your family, friends, and even furry pets. Gifts of warmth that keeps on giving is just what people need this time of year. 

Here are ten gift ideas for everyone on your list from Cozy Winters.

1. 12-Volt Heated Travel Electric Blanket with Timer

12-Volt Heated Travel Electric Blanket with Timer

Stay warm and cozy with this ideal travel companion 12v Heated Blanket. The heated travel blanket is perfect for warming one bench seat or two bucket seats at a time. This heated travel blanket is made of super-soft polar fleece; the throw provides comfort if it is plugged in or not.

2. Toaster 5V Power Bank Heated Hoodie, Grey

Toaster 5V Power Bank Heated Hoodie, Grey

The Toaster electric heated hoodie is entirely lined with a soft feel cotton, including the sleeves and hood, plus the outer layer is a thick high-strength poly-cotton blend for durability. This 4-zone heated jacket has warming panels on the upper back, lower-middle back, to keep your core warm, and a panel on each front hand pocket to keep your hands toasty warm when it's chilly. Each heating panel is positioned to maximize efficient heat transfer.

3. Warmgear Next Gen 2-in-1 Power Bank Heated Puffy Jacket

Warmgear Next Gen 2-in-1 Power Bank Heated Puffy Jacket

This WarmGear Heated Puffy Jacket is incredibly lightweight. The warming panels have been designed with a thinner mesh overlay to maximize efficient heat transfer and safety. They are located on the back, and on each side of the chest so your core will remain warm.

4. Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves

Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves

These are the perfect everyday gloves for outdoor events like spectating, golfing, hiking, walking the dog, and many other cold weather activities! These thin, light-weight gloves are very comfortable and durable. Constructed with a soft leather palm and gauntlet, synthetic suede along the thumb, and a stretch nylon shell which provides a form fit without the bulk of traditional heated gloves. Designed to keep your hands warm and dry, with a Hipora waterproof, breathable, soft wind blocking membrane, that provides comfort and protection.

5. Gyde S7 Unisex Battery Heated Mittens

Gyde S7 Unisex Battery Heated Mittens

Gyde's heated mittens are paired with our patented Microwire™ heat technology. Optimal warmth, supreme comfort and soft leather create our finest mitten, the S7 Mitten. Slip the mitten on, lock it in place with the Cyberian Cordloc™ system, power up the heat and comfort during a wide range of activities. Finished with a water resistant membrane, they repel water and keep your hands dry in adverse conditions. Small reinforcement layers are added to the fingertips for extra grip and added abrasion resistance.

6. Lenz Battery Heated Toe Cap Socks

Lenz Battery Heated Toe Cap Socks

These slim fitting (rechargeable) Lithium power packs, snap in at the top cuff of the socks and have push button settings and built-in Bluetooth Smart, so you can easily regulate the heat to your preference, with 3 different heat settings from the power button on the batteries, or infinite settings from our app on your Smartphone. Unlike most batteries, these proprietary Lithium power packs were designed to perform in extreme cold temperatures, and can heat up to 14 hours on the low setting. Plus, these Bluetooth-heated socks have the same Impulse Control technology that was developed for high-end ski boot heaters, which stimulates blood circulation while in use. These Heated Socks have been very popular in Europe and now you can experience the comfort.

7. MicroFleece Low Voltage Heated Electric Blanket

MicroFleece Low Voltage Heated Electric Blanket

Until now all electric blankets in North America have operated at 120 volts. This fleece heated blanket operates with non-hazardous DC low voltage, providing you with the safest electric blanket ever produced. Turn down your thermostat this winter and stay toasty warm with this electric fleece blanket!

Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Pads

The first soft, outdoor Igloo Style heated bed on the market! The Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Bed comes in 3 sizes and is extremely low wattage. Perfect for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any other outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic bed is unique in that it will still provide soft, comfortable warmth even in sub-zero weather! Super soft PVC is used on the exterior to ensure the bed doesn't absorb water and stay wet like a fabric bed would. Indoor or Outdoor use.
Thermo-Kitty Cuddle Cushion - Heated Cat Bed
We've taken heated comfort to new levels with the Thermo Cuddle Cushion. With walls on 3 sides, this bed gives the ultimate in warmth while giving a safe, secure feeling of a walled bed. The lowered front provides unobstructed access. A super-soft removable cushion is easily washable and can be used with or without the heating system. This bed is MET listed for safety.

10. Cozy Toes - Heated Foot Warmer Floor Mat

Cozy Toes - Heated Foot Warmer Floor Mat

The Foot Warmer mat warms the feet, legs and entire body with absorbed heat. Foot Warmer draws only 75 watts of electricity and has a built-in thermostat to maintain the perfect heat level. Foot Warmer mat is perfect for use in the office or at home, or any place that's chilly. Foot Warmer mat cannot tip over and provides warmth and comfort to the place that feels the coldest, the feet! When the feet absorb the generous heat from the Cozy Toes Foot Warmer, blood travels from the feet and throughout the body warming all parts.

Which one of these 10 products from Cozy Winters would you add to your holiday gift list?

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