10 Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

Now that fall is already here and winter is not far around the corner temperatures are getting much cooler for most. If you haven't already started to organize your home for fall and winter now is as good a time to begin. Disorganized closets and cluttered spaces in your home will make it difficult to be ready to face those blistery cold days. 

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Even with the occasional warm and sunny October day, the window for wearing lighter summer clothing has all but closed for the year. Now it’s time to turn your attention towards your closets to prioritize the warmer clothing you’ll need for the colder weather ahead.

The seasonal transition for your clothing storage doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a huge amount of time and energy. All you need is a solid plan, the right storage solutions, and a little bit of time to produce effective results with your seasonal closet organization effort.

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Getting your closets set up now to put your warmer clothing front and centre will make life easier over the coming months. It’s also the perfect opportunity to declutter, which will make your closets and the rest of your home more functional.

Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

1. Baskets 

Baskets work by providing a home for smaller items such as hats, scarves, and gloves. Baskets can easily be organized and placed on shelves. Or if you have space for a bench you can store the baskets underneath.

2. Hooks

Hooks are great for hanging coats, school backpacks, umbrellas, and other items. If you have small children in the home install the hooks to their level so that they can hang up their items after entering. Otherwise their coats and other items may get left laying on the floor. 

3. Waterproof floor mats

Put down waterproof floor mats near every door leading outside to catch melting snow and salt. Pick up some large raised edge baking sheets and use them for boot and shoe storage. It will keep dirt and snow from spreading and melting in the house.

4. DIY boot rack

Another solution for keeping boots organized, and the floor beneath them dry, is to put together a rack with foot-long, thick poles sticking upward from a bottom mount. Turn your boots over and put them on these poles, which allows any snow or ice on the soles of the boots to dry quickly.

5. Create a clothesline space 

Hang clothes along a laundry room or mud room wall. String up hats, mittens, wool socks, and other winter items with clothespins. Not only will you know where everything is, but soaking-wet snowy gear can dry while it’s hanging up.

Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

6. Prep your kitchen 

Cooler temperatures means hot and hearty meals and fulfilling desserts such as stews and apple pies. Rearrange your kitchen so it is set up for fall and winter cooking by moving spring and summer items like your ice cream maker to the back of your cabinets, and pulling your apple slicers and baking pans towards the front. Swap out the pastel dish towels with your fall themed towels. Reorganize your pantry for those winter staples like pie mixes, spices, and hot drink flavors. 

7. Store out of season clothing

To save time and maximize your space, your closet should have only in-season items stashed in it. Store out-of-season items in labeled bins, then swap those items with what's in your closet when a new season rolls around. 

8. Swap clothing

If you have a smaller closet or drawers, fall is the best time to swap out those tanks and sandals for sweaters and boots. Store bulkier sweaters in drawers, baskets, or folded on shelves to make more room in your closet and to keep them from stretching and wearing out.

Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

9. Accessorize closets

One of the best ways to keep your closet organized and functional all year is to install a few closet organizing accessories like shelf dividers and shoe shelves to keep things in order and looking nice. Shelf dividers keep stacks of neatly folded sweaters from falling over and shoe shelves keep shoes off the floor where they can get piled up an in a tangle.

10. Keep sports equipment organized 

Sports equipment are often quite bulky and not easy to store. Take care of these bulky items with brackets. Use plastic bins for smaller items. Pack away summer gear and make room for the fall and winter sports season. Donate any sports items that no longer fit your children to make room for this season’s gear.

Simple Tips to Organize your Home for Fall & Winter

How do you organize your home for fall and winter?

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