10 Simple Tips to Organize your Garage for Winter

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With fall season in full swing it won't be long before snow makes its appearance. The arrival of snow indicates that its time to bring out the snow shovels, snow blowers, kids sleds, etc. To help make this transition run smoother you may want to organize your garage prior to the start of winter.

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Organizing your garage for winter doesn’t need to be a burden. Instead, follow these simple tips to help you easily keep your garage clear of clutter and give you instant access to the things that you need to face the cold and wet winter weather.

1. Declutter

Getting your garage organized and keeping it that way requires you to declutter on a regular basis. As a rule, it should be your very first task when it comes to your winter garage storage preparations. Garages are the famous go-to dumping ground for items that you’re reluctant to part with or just can't find a storage spot for within your living space. 

2. Add shelves and cabinets

Shelves and cabinets can save you a lot of floor space which means your car gets adequate space to avoid scratches to the body. Use cabinets to store the out-of-season items you’ve collected throughout until the next summer. Use drawers for storing medium-sized items such as basketballs and footballs and place small items including spray bottles on shelves.

3. Use hooks

Another way to organize the garage for winter is to create more space and make tools and gears easily accessible with the use of hooks. Also, when you hang your tools, it helps to prolong their lifespan since it keeps them in good condition. Some of the things you can hang on hooks are ladder, shovels, rakes, helmets, etc. This way, you keep the tools and gears from the floor and avoid tipping over them as you move around the garage.

4. Use baskets

Use sliding wire baskets for easy access to sand and salt which are essential during the winter months. Storing these items in baskets keeps them off the floor and protected.

5. Rotate storage

Take some time this fall to rotate your bins and other storage for easy access throughout the winter season. Move summer items to the back and pull forward any winter holiday items. If you store winter sports gear in the garage, pull those bins to the front for easy access.

6. Make use of the ceiling

Don't waste precious garage storage space by not utilizing the ceiling. It’s the perfect place to store long flat items like ladders. You can also add hanging shelves to store camping gear or other seasonal items. This is a great way to keep items off the floor and out of the way. When hanging shelves from the ceiling, be sure the garage door has enough room to function properly, and your cars will still fit inside the space.

7. Add a pegboard

Pegboards are perfect for hanging and organizing frequently used items in your garage. Attach hooks and pegs to a thick pegboard to create a display of things like hand tools and hardware. A pegboard storage system is both sturdy and easy to rearrange. You can use as many pegboards as you want to get the most function out of the wall space in your garage, especially if you don’t have a lot of room for shelves.

8. Install slatwall

A slatwall system is a series of grooved panels that attach to the wall. You can attach different kinds of baskets, hooks, brackets, and shelves to the grooves, making this system super versatile. Slatwall is usually more affordable and adaptable than cabinetry, and takes up less space.

9. Invest in a garage organization unit

With other items stored in the shelves and cabinets, you can use organization units to store the balls, sporting gear bags and other items. This makes for easier storage and access. A professional designer will always come in handy in determining which gears and tools go where and what design works best for your needs.

10. Prepare for wet boot and outdoor clothes

Nobody wants the snow, ice, mud and general wet messy effects of winter weather entering inside the home. Set an area at the entrance door in your garage where wet and muddy boots and snow clothes can be taken off and left. Just grab a larger, sturdy outdoor mat from your favorite store and you’re set to go.

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Which simple tips will you use to organize your garage for winter?

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  1. Great Organization tips here! I totally need to declutter my home before winter for sure!

  2. Shelving and peg walls are favorites for us! Definitely a great way to maximize storage!


  3. I wish my garage was as organized as this! shelving is key. I have some but definitely need to add more. Thanks for the great Inspo!