10 Simple Ways to Reduce and Prevent Home Allergens

Simple Ways to Reduce and Prevent Home Allergens

With spring comes warmer weather, blooming flowers, bright sunshine, and the beautiful sounds of birds chirping. Spring is a great time of year to go out for a walk, have a family picnic, or just enjoy a nice cup of coffee while sitting outside.

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Unfortunately while people enjoy the season of spring, there are many people who have to face allergens. Allergens like pollen, pet dander, and mold are common is warm weather. Fortunately there are some simple ways to help reduce and prevent home allergens.

1. Remove carpets

Allergens easily become trapped within the grooves of carpets. Over time, these allergens will become difficult to remove. Older carpets are likely to harbor significant amounts of dust mites, pollen, chemicals and may even contain mold. When removing any carpet, spray it down with a water bottle before removing to keep contaminants from floating into the air. Consider replacing old carpets with area rugs that can be easily cleaned or with hard flooring, such as natural linoleum, bamboo or hardwood.  

2. Declutter 

Having extra items around the house collects dust and can irritate anyone with allergies. Get rid of the extras by donating them where they will be of better use to others.

3. Use a HEPA filter vacuum

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters capture tiny particles in the air, carpets, rugs, window fabric coverings, as well as other surfaces. Using a HEPA filter vacuum is a great way to eliminate these particles and reduce your exposure to these airborne particles that can cause allergy symptoms.

4. Cover windows with blinds

Blinds or shades trap fewer allergens than fabric window treatments. If you cannot get away from having curtains select fabrics that are machine washable. These are easier to maintain and keep dust-free. 

5. Add air purifying plants

Air purifying plants help remove toxins, improve air quality, and add some bright color to your home. There are quite a number of purifying plants to choose from. Some include peace lilies, chrysanthemums, dwarf date palm, Gereba daisies, and Dracaena.

6. Dust effectively

Instead of just moving dust around with a feather duster or dry cloth, reach for a damp cloth instead. Damp cloths will trap the dust instead of just moving it around. When dusting clean from top to bottom in order to avoid spreading dust back to the areas you have already cleaned. Don't forget to clean ceiling fans, blinds, and drapes.

7. Reduce moisture in the bathroom

After showering, run the fan for at least three to five minutes to reduce moisture. Moisture left behind can cause mold to grow quickly and spread. Also, wipe down wet surfaces such as shower walls and doors.

8. Clean under surfaces

It’s easy to forget about those areas of your home that you never see much of. Spaces beneath your sofa, chairs, appliances and floor mats are some of the sneakiest hideaways for allergy-causing particles. Try to clean beneath the surface of these areas  at least once a month to help prevent build-up of any hard-to-spot allergy particles.  

9. Protect your bedding

You should always use a dust mite mattress cover to prevent the presence and proliferation of these pesky bugs. Allergen-blocking bedding and mattress covers are made of tightly woven fabric that prevents dust mites from escaping from the mattress or bedding.

10. Limit the amount of pollen entering your home

While there is nothing like the smell of fresh air, you may want to keep windows closed if you have air conditioning on. Leaving the windows open if you have air conditioning on can allow pollen to be easily blown inside. Place a door mat near the entrance doors of your home for a place where people can take off their shoes. Keep the thermostat at the lowest possible temperature to keep your home cool. The coolness will help prevent humidity. Humidity creates the perfect environment for mold and dust mites.

Simple Ways to Reduce and Prevent Home Allergens

Do you know of any simple ways to reduce and prevent home allergens?

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